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Real techniques bold metals 300 brush

I love Real Techniques as you all know, and I can't resist how beautiful the brushes are, so when I got this one to try I was very excited to test it out for uses and see how it worked. Now this was the weirdest review I've ever done, I have spend a few weeks testing this out to see what I think to it, and looking how Pixiwoo recommend it is used, and I had very mixed feeling about it. 

The brush is a beautiful rose gold colour with white bristles which have a hint of pink to compliment the rose gold. The bristles are really fluffy, but quite compact still meaning it isn't too fluffy and still has some structure to it. I love the look of the brush, the rose gold is so pretty and the soft pink detail on the bristles gives it a lovely effect. 

Here's where we get into the weird issue with this, I looked up how to use the brush for some tips when I started testing this for review a few weeks ago, and tested it for blush and highlight and wasn't really keen, it worked, but I liked some of my other brushes more, I have a powder bleu one that I love for highlight and a couple of bigger fluffier ones for blush and the new flat top one I reviewed here. So when I tried it, I just didn't feel like it replaced any of the other brushes I used. So i was at a bit of a loose end and not really sure how to express my feelings on this brush.

It wasn't until I went to find the brush on the day of writing this to have it to hand as I wrote about it that I accidentally picked up the brush from Real techniques that I adore for contouring, or the form of contour I do. I knew it was the wrong one as it had contour powder on the bristles, but it was a slip of the hand. I decided in this review I would tell you that I much prefer that one for cheek products if you are looking for one of them to get, when the weirdest thing happened. I glanced down and looked at the number engraved on the brush to share with you the brush I loved and would pick up instead of this one. It was much to my amazement to see the number 300 engraved on both brushes. Because of this I have kindly attached the picture of the two brushes for you to see why I thought they were different. 

I have come to the conclusion that I have tried this for contouring and then as I use this, I clearly don't wash it every time I use it, but I wash it often, I have somehow moulded the brush to be more of a pointed shape for chiselling out the cheek bones and so it now looks like a different brush to the original shape I have been looking for a use for. I am now very overjoyed to have two of the brush as I now can swap to the other one and have a spare brush for when the first one is a bit dirty and I cant be bothered to wash it as we all know that is a real thing. 

Overall, I really like this brush for my contour, however for other uses I find I already have other brushes that I like better for other uses, and I got these in separate sets months apart so I think that's how I ended up with two of these and didn't notice, however, I am really glad I have two. At £19 I think it is quite expensive, however, I also feel as though it works so well for me when I use it to try contouring that I definitely thing it would be one I will want in my collection for a long time and so I am glad I have a spare for good measure. If you have been thinking of getting this brush you can find it here, where you can find out a better description and the reviews on the Boots site for more info, however I do really enjoy using it for the purpose I adopted it for. Whats your favourite brush at the minute? 

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