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QVS flat top blush brush

I am a lover of the Real Techniques brushes and I have a lot of them. The issue with this is that they work so well I don't feel I need to go out and try more things. When I got this QVS flat top blush brush in a goody bag from an Intu Victoria centre event I went to, and I was so excited to try it. I usually opt for fluffy blush brushes and was a little intimidated by the flat top on this, but I wanted to give it a good test and share it with you to see how I got on with it. 

The brush has a lovely wooden handle that I really like, it is really nice and looks really natural with the dark, gunmetal coloured barrel creating a lovely aesthetic through to the dark brown bristles. I really like the way this brush looks, its quite different to the polished look than some of the other brushes I own, but I do really like it. The bristles are really soft and fell lovely on the skin, with them all being cut really precisely which shows it is a lovely quality brush. 

The brush picks up a really nice amount of product, which I like as I find some bush brushes can either pick up a lot of product or not enough and then it makes it hard to apply your make up. I find that this brush distributed the product and colour evenly onto my skin giving a flawless blush effect that really does blend out the colour well. I love that it gives an even coverage without any streaking or patchiness as that is my biggest pet peeve when blending out make up and it looking patchy. 

Overall I am really impressed with this brush, due to the shade and way it has the flat top, I don't think I would have ever purchased this if I was shopping for a new brush, however having tried it I am a total convert! As I say, I got mine in a goody bag, but I looked these up and it is roughly £4, which I think is a great price for the quality of this brush and I would definitely purchase it at that price. These are available in most supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, as well as  being online on places like Amazon. You can also find out all the details on the QVS website here, with the option to click through and see what else they have to offer! Let me know if you have tried this brand, or what your go to brand is for brushes! 

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