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OOTD: Spiders and studs

I'm getting better at this outfit lark now, and I am making a point of taking them the week before I need them in case I need a few extra, and being this organised works! Who knew? I wanted to share an outfit of some of the new pieces I bought when out shopping that I shared in my clothing haul over on my channel here if you want to have a look at the things I got that I haven't featured here. I am loving my new spider top along with my studded boots and I knew I had the perfect bag to go with the shoes, so here is my outfit. 

My jacket is my suede biker jacket from Forever 21, I love this jacket and while I may have wore my leather one I have recently bought I thought I'd get as much wear from the suede one while it isn't wet and raining as I can and move over to the leather one when the weather get a bit colder and more likely to rain than we are currently getting. I feel like the leather does better in the rain but as it was a nice day I wanted to wear the suede one.

My top is from Zoe Karssen, but a bargain find in TKMaxx for £14.99 so I quickly snapped this up. I will say, I buy between a size 8 and 10 and this is the large size of the top, which don't get me wrong is a bit oversized on me, but I would normally expect to buy a smaller size, and this fits nicely as an oversized top. So just be aware of sizing if you do decided you want to buy one of these, look up the sizes. 

The jeans I have on are from Primark, and I love that they are ripped, but have the rips covered in. It gives a distressed look, but in the depths of winter when I pull these out of my wardrobe the wind wont blow into the leg holes and freeze me alive, as I am that person who wears a jacket in summer, see above.... But these give all the effect of ripped jeans while still being a full in jean and I haven't noticed any like this before so I thought I would pick them up and I know I will look them. 

These boots. Just take a minute to appreciate them in all their glory. Ok, so these boots are a look alike dupe sof some Givenchy boots, if you type 'Givenchy boots' into google the real thing comes straight up and you cant miss them. I have loved those from the minute I saw them but can I drop almost £1,000 on a pair of boots? I cannot. So when I stumbled on these in Primark I picked them up and paid quicker than you can even say Givenchy! Not only that, these are so comfy and are a bargain price of £16!! Yep, your welcome, off you pop to get some! I adore these and think they will be on my feet until I literally wear through the sole! I definitely know I will get the use from these. 

All in good measure, we have to pair these with something that is the real deal don't we? I paired them with my Givenchy bag, the best thing I have ever bought and seriously like my first child in the way I treat it, and my husband to be fair with you all. Such as shouting 'Don't touch it!' when a family member had a look it and wanted to have a look at it, I did go on to say its not that precious and can be touched! I love the stud detail on the bag and as you can tell if these were the real deal they would be a perfect match, hence I have worn my Primark version paired with the bag. and I think it is so beautiful and a lovely detail. 

Overall I really love the way this look came together, the boots are stunning and I love the way they match my bag and come together. I adore the top and its so unlike me to choose something like this but is so nice and I think this would be a fun one for Halloween if you aren't dressing up but still want to make some effort towards something Halloween like. I hope you liked the look, do let me know what you are loving at the minute as I would love to know and I am always on the look out for new things in stores! 

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