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Lush Rub rub rub shower scrub

I am a huge fan of body scrubs and always like to keep a few handy to give my skin a good exfoliate and keep it looking and feeling good. I hadn't tried any of the Lush scrubs before so when I was gifted the Rub rub rub from some friends I was very excited to test it out and see what I thought to it. 

Packaged in the signature black pot that Lush often do with products that need packaging, which I think is really nice, its easy for me to store as I can stand it in my body care shelf in the bathroom and even have the ability to stack something on top should I wish. I find it easy to open and use when in the bath or shower which is great as I find if a product is hard to get into or use I don't reach for it.

On appearance the product is a bright sea blue colour with a lovely fresh sea air scent, with a hint of blossom as the label highlights. I really like the scent of this I think it smells lovely and it one that I would reach for because of its scent. The product is a thin consistency which is easy to scoop out and apply to the skin. It feel somewhat thinner in consistency than I expected it to, but it meant it was easy to work into the skin. The scrub particles are a fine salt like feeling on the skin and while it isn't harsh to use on the skin I feel it did a good job of exfoliating my skin. 

The scrub was so easy to scoop out and I really enjoyed how easy it was to use on my body and get a good exfoliation of the skin. It's gentle feeling on the skin meant I felt like I could really work this over the area and get a good exfoliation without feeling like the particles were scratching my skin, as I have used ones like that in the past from other brands! After using this my skin felt soft and smooth and I was really impressed with the results.

Overall I am so impressed with this body scrub and really enjoyed the scent and ease of use it had. Because Lush products are fresh they do come with a date on, and for reference this one has got June next year on, so roughly a year as I have had this a little while before reviewing it, so you have plenty of time to use this within the date. At £8.95 for 350g and £14.95 for 665g on the Lush site here I think this is good value from Lush, and it is one I would definitely look into getting again when I have cleared out some more of the products on my body care shelf!

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