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Lush comforter bubble bar

As a long standing fan of Lush, can we believe I have got to this point in my life without trying the beloved comforter bubble bar? Well I can't believe it! I eye it up every time I go in and for some reason never quite get it to the till. The beautiful bubble bar gets so many reviews and is so talked about that I couldn't resist trying it. I am also a huge fan of bubble bath so they are automatically a winner for me! 

The bar is a beautiful berry pink and white swirl that looks like some sort of sweet or cake. It is such a bright an beautiful bubble bar that you are drawn to it in store, so heavens knows why I never quite got it, I think I was always to preoccupied with the new products that come out and the thought of not spending my entire months wage in store on everything I wanted and this always gets pushed back.

The bubble bar is rather sizeable and I want to first assure you that while you could in fact have the bubbliest bath of your life and use this whole thing, you definitely only need a portion of it. I used about 1/5th of the bar, I could have used a bit less or a bit more depending on things like the size of the bath or anything like that. I have a small kitchen knife that I keep in my Lush stash carefully stored away. I then just use this to chop of a section of the bubble bar to use.

I saw on Instagram that people were putting the bubble bar in a little tea strainer, and I tell you honestly, this is life changing! I used to hold it and crumble it under the water, but I like my bath the same temperature as the sun, so I don't enjoy holding my hand under there long! This holds it until it all dissolves and makes the best bubbles of all the ways I have tried. 

The bubble bar has a beautiful berry scent that while wasn't over powering was noticeable in the bathroom when I used this. I did intentionally pair this with the comforter shower gel which is sadly being discontinued, to give the bath a lot more of a stronger scent, as I am very fond of it. 

The bubble bar made the water lovely and had lots of bubbles in the water. The bath turned a lovely pink shade with the white bubbles floating above the water making it dreamy to sink into. I found the bubble bar so pleasant to use that I can't believe I waited so long to try it! 

Overall I think this is a lovely bubble bar, the sweet berry scent is a winner in my opinion, and I love that it is big enough to use a chunk of and still have some left over. I am so excited to use the rest of this up and I think it is one that will have to go on my 'To repurchase' list as it is really lovely. For £4.95 you will get multiple uses from this bubble bar and I definitely recommend at least smelling it if you are in Lush as it is so lovely. You can find it on the website here if you want to check it out, and let me know in the comments your favourite Lush product! 

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