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L'oreal matte lips red actually

As I have said before I am a huge fan of matte lips and when I saw these launch I was intrigued to find out more. I wanted to see what they were like and how they compare to other matte lip options I have used in the past. There is a funny story surrounding this as I never intended to buy the Red Actually shade at all. I was in Superdrug and intended to buy the Tangerine shade as I have been wondering about orange lips for a while. I didn't want to take to front product as something about made me think it had been used or tested in store, so I grabbed the one behind it, threw it in my basket and thought nothing more of it. I then got home to find I had in fact bought this red shade,  but its very pretty none the less. 

The packaging of these reminds me of a paint tube, or a toothpaste tube with the tube style part of the product containing the product. I find this packaging really nice and I am not really overly picky about how packaging looks as long as it serves the function of holding the product. The wand is a doe foot applicator which I think is really nice and really easy to use. The doe foot appears slightly different to other doe foot applicators I have used with this one seeming to have a thinner end that allows a little well of product to collect when you first pull it out, see pictures as my description is awful! This makes it so easy to use and distribute product onto the lips. The shape is also really nice for drawing out the lip line if you do not have a lip liner to go with this and want to wear it alone. 

This shade is called 'Red actually' and I expected a bright impacting pillar box red from the tube and I have to say I was almost a little disappointed. Applied it looks more of a candy apple red which is although is opaque it kind of has that sheer glossy candy look to it, but it is a nice pinkish red that looks so lovely on the lips I do genuinely love the colour a lot. I just don't think its the true bold red I wanted it to be.

The formula is really lovely, it applies nicely to the lips and looks lovely on. It glides on smoothly and gives nice coverage on the lips with the beautiful red shade. I find the formula really lovely to work with and I am really pleased with the way it applies. I found that the formula never quite dried down and became matte which I was really unsure about, they have more of the velvet matte finish which I think is annoying as I wanted these to be fully matte, but I can look past that as I do feel it is a lovely colour. I do think now I know, I would buy more as I like the finish but if you want full matte, these wont be for you.

The lip paint feels really comfortable on the lips and looked lovely. I did find it transfers onto things like cups when having a drink and it doesn't pass the kiss test, but I don't feel it is as much transfer as I have had from some of my non matte lip colours. I do feel this lasts really well, but I do feel this needs a top up when I eat as the transfer does see it wear away more than some of the other matte lip options I own.

Overall I love the colour of this, and think it is a really nice formula, I was hugely disappointed when I thought this was a matte and it didn't end up being, but if this didn't portray itself as a matte I really do love the look and finish of these as a lip colour. I have since bought a second one, so as you can tell I do like these and think they are good, but if you are hoping for mattes, I'd say look else where! These retail for £6.99 but you can sometimes find them on offer, so I recommend taking advantage of an offer if there is one on. You can find these on the Boots website here if you want to have a look at the range. Let me know if you have tried these, or what your favourite matte lip product is, as I am currently loving matte lips!

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