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Kiehls Ultra facial cream

Testing out beauty samples is one of my favourite things to do, it is the perfect way to get a feel for a product without having to commit to a full size in case you don't like it. I got a goody bag from a Kiehls event and I am still working my way through the samples, not wanting to share too many to close together, so I thought it was about time I reviewed the Ultra facial cream as I was a little bored of my usual moisturiser and fancied a mini change. I love the little sachets for a change up in my routine when I feel I am stuck in a rut, but it gave me the perfect chance to test out this moisturiser. 

The sachet has 3ml of product in which gave me about 4 uses so a little bit goes a long way. The full size of this comes in a tub, and you can get it in either 50ml or 125ml so you can get a smaller cream if you want to test it for a while, or if you are traveling or if it is a firm favourite you can splash out on the bigger tub which will last you ages. 

The cream is white and has a generic cream smell to it that doesn't really smell of anything which i like as I know some people can be sensitive to scents. The cream has a nice rich texture to it, yet it can be worked into the skin easily. It does feel to sit o the skin for around a minute as it sinks in, but I think this is just because it is so hydrating and moisturising that it takes a little bit longer for your skin to soak it up. 

After using this my skin felt really soft and hydrated and it definitely made a difference to how my skin feels. While I did like the other moisturisers I had been switching between, I really do like this and think it works really well too, and I was really excited to use this once I had tried this. I like that it isn't specific to day or night and so can be used for both as for something like traveling it would be nice to only need the one product, not two. 

Overall my skin felt so good after using this that I definitely would like to try this for an extended period and would consider picking up maybe the 50ml jar of this to give it a longer test as this really did leave my skin feeling so soft and lovely that it has definitely made me want to use it again. The 50ml on the Kiehl's site here is £24.50 and the 125ml is £45, which seems pricey, but it really did feel a lot more hydrating on my skin than some of the cheaper ones I have used. I want to use up a lot of what I already have in my collection as I know some of the stuff needs to be used up before it goes off and needs throwing out, and I don't want to waste anything, so I wont be purchasing this yet, but I can definitely see this going on my wishlist for when I need to repurchase a moisturiser. 

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