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Interior styles

This weekend I am taking on the task of completely making over my office room. Its going to be a biggish job, but I am looking forward to giving it a spruce up and making it look fresh, clean and inviting. I have so many plans and things I want to get done its not going to be easy. I thought I would share with you some of the things I will be getting up to and what you can expect. My twitter poll came out that I should just do a tour when the room is done but I thought I would share a bit about why I am doing the make over and what I am going to be doing. 

First of all, I should address that all my furniture in the office is wooden, well the flat pack light wood effect colour. I have decided I want all white furniture and so I am going to paint them all white and give them a make over to save money and cut costs. I want to have a bright and clean office space to work in and hopefully giving it a brighter feel will make me want to be in it more when it is finished and as clutter free as it can be. 

My desk will be from Ikea, and I am really excited to have a new desk, my current one is a corner desk, which I do like, but it doesn't have a lot of space for anything other than my PC. Wait until my upcoming room tour to see for yourself my pretty impressive set up with my PC! I need space to write, I want to spare space to set up a little photo station so I no longer end up sat on the floor crouched over awkwardly taking probably 100 photos when planning the month out. 

I don't have a lot of accessories in my office at the minute, so I want to get a nice pen pot, some cute little bits to hold things like my memory cards which always get put on my desk and almost lost once I have done the file transfers for photos or videos and other cute things to give my desk character without clutter. 

I already have a couple of pictures I want to use to make a start on a gallery wall, and have some bits and bobs to add too it as well as already having seen quite a few prints on Etsy which take my fancy and so I can see an order going through on there very shortly, however I'm holding off on the prints a little until my set up is complete with my desk as I don't want to over order and not need a lot, or decide they don't fit the space I have in mind above the 'writing' area of my desk. 

I adore my little office room, and have so much planned and I know once its made over I will have so much more space and ability to film videos and I will be so much more content and organised in my new space, meaning I will be more prepared with my blog and have a better set up to work in when I want to edit and write blog posts without feeling cramped up. My office has always felt like a bit of a work in progress and it never quite felt 'done' so I hope when the bank holiday is over I should be feeling happier with it and only need to add a few final touches.

Within this post the first image with the purple flowers is my own image but the rest are inspiration pictures I have used from Pinterest. I was unable to find their original location but I search 'desk' and 'desk organisation' to bring up these images to give you some hints as to the ideas I am working towards due to having no progress to photograph in my office at this time. I hope you have enjoyed the post and I would love to know more about your office or desk space! I would also appreciate Etsy or shop recommendations if you have any for cute prints or accessories to go with my desk! 

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