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Fairest of them all book review

The tale of Snow White is well known and much loved, from the book to film and even to a Christmas pantomime version cropping up every few years, its little wonder these Disney princess stories get people in a spin wanting to be like the characters, or have dolls and teddy versions of their favourite characters. But have you ever considered how the villains become the way they are, the wicked, horrible characters who threaten the happy endings and make the lives of the princess a misery? Well Fairest of All tells the story of how Snow Whites step mother becomes the wicked Queen and the back story we had no ideas about.

When I saw this line of books I was excited to read them, I love learning about villains and find it really interesting that we get to know the other side of the story and see it more from the villains point of view and experience more from before they turned wicked than we do in the original story. I have also reviewed one of these about the Beast from Beauty and the Beast here, if you want to know more about these books.

The front covers show the Queen in her beautiful original way, a striking woman with deep purple shadows, a bold facial structure and deep lips. The woman of beauty Snow's father feel in love with, while the back of the book shows the wicked, witch like woman the Queen becomes as she become more wicked and her beauty fades. I love the cover the half face makes it unique and interesting and the deep black cover gives the feel of a Disney villain as a deep dark character. 

We begin the story learning of how Snow Whites father married the Queen and the love and compassion the King,, Queen and Snow have for each other. Tales of dragons and all things mythical fill Snow with great delight and we learn of their enchanted stories the family tell together. The King spends a lot of time away from the castle and in this we see Snow and the Queen bond, as well as seeing how they respond to other characters, such as the Kings cousins who come to stay while the King is away. 

We start to see bits of the idea around the mirror come to life but in a slightly vague way to begin with before unfolding into the story of the mirror later in the tale. The shocking twists surprised and amazed me as the tale unfolds and we learn more about the Queens past and how the mirror can be a blessing and a curse for the Queen, bringing her both joy and sorrow.

As the tale goes on the Queen becomes more wicked, obsessing over her beauty with the vanity encompassing her. As she weaves spells and relies on the magic mirror more than ever, the Queen becomes engrossed in herself and withdrawing from he rest of the kingdom, in this we see how the kingdom carries on around her as the story unravels.  We get an insight into her dreams and nightmares and the thoughts that plague her life as the days go on.

When the queen makes the most horrific demands upon a huntsman we see Snow living with the seven dwarfs and how her life has changed. In doing so the queen seeks revenge and is determined to get her way and be the fairest of all. The tale of the apple unfolds and how the story becomes one with a happy ending and true love. I was deeply shocked by the final twist of the story and think it was a beautiful way to end the story of a wicked Queen who once loved her beautiful step daughter.  

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