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Corsodyl daily whitening toothpaste

As beauty bloggers we are always itching to tell you about the new lipstick we have, or that new groundbreaking product that we have nothing like, but how often do we strip it all back down to the bare bones of our routine and mention a toothpaste? Not very often. But I feel like I need to share with you the reasons I switched to Corsodyl and why it may just be my new staple product. 

If I could have one beauty perfection for the rest of my life with no work what so ever it would be to have perfect teeth with no effort. I hate brushing my teeth and the whole flossing and mouthwash scenario, its just tedious and I find it really boring too. I mean, of course I still brush them and I do floss and use mouthwash, but I still hate doing it! I have always used whatever toothpaste was on offer, opting for the cheapest well known toothpaste on the market feeling like it wouldn't make a huge difference to my routine, and for years I was convinced I was right. I was very wrong.

I began getting some tooth ache with my wisdom tooth a month or so back and I noticed that when I pinpointed the pain it was all in the areas of gum that were being pushed aside as it forced its way through. I decided to get the Corsodyl mouthwash to hopefully help ease my gum pain, along with pain killers, and just make sure my teeth had a bit of a boost that Corsodyl is known for. When I got to Boots they were all on offer and I decided I would get the toothpaste and the daily mouthwash in order to give my teeth some TLC for a while and then just buy whatever was on offer again when I needed more.

The toothpaste is a brown like tone and has tiny gritty particles in that you barely notice when you brush your teeth. I have to admit the colour is very off putting and the taste when I first used it was the worst I have ever tasted in my life. I honestly cannot tell you how much I hated the taste on first use, and now I brush my teeth and don't even notice the taste. It takes about 5 days to begin to get used to it, but its so worth getting over that hurdle if you can!

The toothpaste, while not being nice to use at first, has slowly become a part of my routine, I don't notice thee flavour now which is perfect. However the reason, that even though I hated the taste and hated using it to begin with is because it makes my teeth feel cleaner than any other tooth paste has before. It has not only done that, but I have noticed some of the minor marks and staining I used to be self conscious of have faded and some have completely disappeared in order to give me a nicer smile. I wasn't overly sure that I was totally right about how clean it made my teeth feel, so I wanted to test my theory, I made my mum test this out and then asked her if she thought it made her teeth feel cleaner and she completely agreed! 

I feel like I am using a product that can help reduce my chances of getting any gum infections, as well as giving me a nice, super clean feeling mouth. I know this sounds like a very over excessive review for toothpaste, but I can promise you, I am writing this because I hate brushing my teeth, but this is making me want to brush them for that clean teeth feeling. (i should point out I would still clean my teeth regardless). The toothpaste retails between about £3 and £4 but you can find it on Boots here currently at £4 or 2 for £6 which is the offer I got the mouthwash and toothpaste on when I first started trying them. I definitely will be sticking to this tooth paste in future, and while I may use some other ones while I wait for this to be on offer if I run out as I have a mint one in the house for my husband who is less keen on the idea of this one himself, I will be majority sticking with this as I am just so impressed!

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