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Benefit gimme brow

I have never done much with my brows and I would say I am pretty blessed that they are a decent shape naturally and don't go too wild when I haven't plucked them, so I can half get away with ignoring them and they still look ok, not great but ok. That being said, when this launched the first time around I decided to try and, and I think already having this in the new packaging shows you that I was enjoying it. So what is the product like?

Packaged in a beautiful silver bottle that reminds me of some sort of potion or genie bottle. The silver geometric shaped lid give the bottle a lovely unique shape and the silver makes it very eye catching and beautiful. I like that the packaging is small as it makes it really compact to store and travel with. On the front of the bottle we have the bright pink writing which says 'Gimme brow' and the Benefit logo gives the product its branding. The wand in the product is really small and compact it is a bristle brush that is slightly tapered, but is a really good size for getting product precisely onto the eyebrows. 

I have had the light brown when they only had two options in the shade, and since they have reformulated this I got this in the shade 5, which is the darker shade as my hair was darker and my eye brows are a brown shade. While the shade may be a touch too dark for me usually, I have been using this while I have had my hair brighter colours over this summer as it does have quite a dark hue to it as well, so my eyebrows look fine being slightly darker than usual. 

Product wise, the consistency is a really nice formula that isn't too wet but is really easy to work with without it being dry. Within the product it has fibres to thicken and fill out the brows to make them look thicker and fuller. The wand combs through the brows effortlessly and leaves them looking bolder and fuller and I think it is such a quick and easy step to make your brows look more put together without looking over done or drawing to much attention to them. 

In terms of lasting power I find that this lats all day on my brows without flaking or wearing off. I find that it doesn't dry stiff like some mascara style brow products do meaning my brows look a lot more natural than some of the other things I have tried in the past. I find that my eyebrows look really good when I use this and while it isn't the full on Instagram brow that everyone wants, its great if you are a complete newbie to eyebrows, or if you want to have a natural brow look. At £20, on Boots here, it sounds a lot to shell out, however it does last so long, I had my old packaging one for so long before it finally met its end, so for that price I think it is worth how long it lasted. I love this style of product and while I am testing out some drugstore dupes for this it is one I really like, and getting a second one is definitely a testament to  how much I enjoyed this the first time round! 

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