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Batiste floral dry shampoo

While I do like to keep my hair clean and fresh, I am never without a can of dry shampoo, and while I am not overly fussy on which I get I seem to gravitate to Batiste when I see it on offer and I always pick out a different scent to shake it up, I recently picked up the floral dry shampoo as I thought the scent would be perfect for summer. I use dry shampoo to extend the time between washing, as a refresh when going to the gym to keep my hair fresh while at the gym, or for volume. 

In the iconic spray cans which are adorned and decorated with the beautiful patterns distinct to each scent of the product. This one being floral has a bright and fun arrangement of flowers on the front to give it a bright and fun appearance. The flowers are made up of a mix of shapes and flower petals as well as having an assortment of flip flops to give the flower pattern depth and difference. 

With its floral scent, I find this is a nice fragrance boost within the hair, but isn't overpowering and still allows a perfume to take centre stage and be the main scent you can smell. I think the scent is really lovely and although I wouldn't exclusively choose the floral scent as I am not a huge lover of too much floral, I do think its nice for summer. 

The powder sprays into the hair, and I do not feel like it gives any visual residue on the hair, however if you apply a lot this can sometimes feel a bit powdery in the hair. I use this in three ways for three different things. The first one is its intended use, as a dry shampoo to prolong time between washing the hair while keeping it looking fresh. I apply this to the hair if I wake up and know I haven't go time to wash it but it looks too greasy to go out. This takes away and absorbs some of the oil and allows me to get through the day before washing it that evening. If I know, such as one days I am at home, or like now when I am resisting washing my hair because it is the bright colours that will fade, the night before when my hair isn't oily or greasy, but I know it would need washing I go through my hair and apply a generous coating of this to the hair, rub it in and sleep on it. I do this so that overnight any oil produced is soaked up and absorbed with the dry shampoo and my hair doesn't look so bad the next morning. I sometimes touch up a few bits in the morning that need a bit more TLC and I often style it in a way that takes the edge off it looking less than fresh, but this works so well to extend the time between washing my hair. 

The second thing I use this for is staying fresh at the gym. If I am doing weights I don't tend to get as sweaty but if I do cardio I can often end up a sweaty mess, and sometimes, you don't want to look and feel like a puddle while working out. Before I go to the gym on heavy cardio days I will put a bit of dry shampoo through my hair at my roots and tie my hair up, it doesn't stop the sweaty, wet scalp feel all together, but it curbs the feeling some and I am all about that as no one really likes to feel sweaty and gross even if you know the sweat is making you fitter!

The last use I have for this is to give my hair grip and volume, I can spray this at the roots on clean hair and it gives volume at the roots to create a more voluminous style that has extra texture. I have also found that when I want to do french plaits in my hair and my hair is too clean and too silky, this texture the dry shampoo gives allows some grip to be brought back to the hair and it really helps with styling hard to style hair. 

Overall, while I fluctuate through brands to try new ones all the time, I find the Batiste ones some that I always come back to when I want dry shampoo, at £2.99 for 200ml which you can find here. It is no surprise to me that it is the UK's No.1 dry shampoo as it is really lovely and I do find it extends my hair between washing it as well as having other uses such as mentioned above. I will be testing out more dry shampoos over the months so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments as I always have a can to hand! 

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