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A designer dilemma

I am quite a designer lover, from shoes to bags to scarves and anything I see I fancy. By that I mean, lets save up and treat myself once in a while! I do love to have a really good browse on all the sites and see whats new and add things to my ever growing wishlist as we all know I can spend money quicker than I could ever earn it if I wasn't quite so sensible! But I go through phases where I contemplate selling some of the designer bits I own, and then never really know if I can part with them! 

I take really good care of my possessions, it doesn't matter if its a £3 top from Primark or a £1,000 handbag from Harrods, I think its important to treat everything with care and appreciation, just because I like to look after my things and get the most out of them. I usually put my high street clothes in the charity bag and pop them down to the local charity shop to donate them on to give back to charity and let someone else get use from them, however, designer stuff for me kinda needs to be sold on.

I look after my bags to have the ability to sell them on should I get tired of them or just want to swap them out for something else. I find that when looked after they also hold their value pretty well which is great for if you do want to swap them out and give them a new home to be loved. I see people selling them on a lot and I check some selling sites sporadically to see what the things I have are worth in case I am thinking of selling them on. 

I would love to know your experiences at parting with a designer piece and if you regretted it, as some days I am sure I want to sell one particular bag and other days I want to use it and love it, so I am very torn on what to do with it! I wont say what bag it is yet, but I can assure you all it is not my Givenchy bag, I am clinging to that one for dear life and it is not on my selling list anywhere in the near future! 

I have some middle of the range bags I am thinking of selling and will probably just put them on a local selling site first to try and avoid having to post things, but I would probably sell the expensive more designer bags on somewhere more public as I would want to sell it to someone who really wants it. I definitely don't really know where to start and so I would be grateful of any advice or experiences in doing this. 

I also don't feel I need to sell the bag, I budget and have the money to pay my bills and have a few treats every month, and there is nothing I want to replace the bag with. I feel if I was looking for something specific I may be more inclined to decided if to sell the bag or not, but I think as soon as the autumn winter launches come out fully I will find loads I love! 

Maybe this is a little pointless and rambly, but I just kinda wanted to have a little chat about the dilemma I am having with wanting to sell some stuff but not being sure if I want to let go of it just yet! Hope you enjoyed it and the pictures of some of my things I own! 

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