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WAH London nail buffing block

When I was in secondary school and at college I would do my nails every week with intricate patterns, fun designs and at one point my nail polish collection spanned almost to 400 nail polishes. I have since decluttered and still have around 200 nail polishes so in reality I need another good declutter soon! I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I have worn nail polish this year, and my nail care has taken the same back seat. I thought this would be the best way to kick start the nail care once again.

My nails are fragile, have ridges and are generally a bit rubbish sometimes, I blame my anemia as my nails took a downward turn when I first started to realise there may be some issues with my health and my nails have been a bit pants since! I do try to take as good care as I can of them and I know that it can be really disheartening when you have nice nails and then one breaks and they then look odd and you have to cut them all down.

I have used buffing blacks back in my teens and a lot seem to be similar but after not using one for years I decided to give this one a go. The block is blue with what feels like less rough sandpaper on the sides of it to buff down the nails and give them a smooth surface to be prepped for polish. The block is easy to hold and they are a nice size to work with making it easy to use on the nail without scuffing your fingers around the nail. 

My nails are prone to ridges and get all those little loose bits that chip away at the edges and forma thin slither of nail that if you pull on it, it sinks further down into the nail bed causing the most agonising pain you could ever imagine. so you can tell my nails aren't in good shape. I have been using a lot more hand cream lately and making sure I use it regularly both to benefit my hands and nails. 

When I used the nail buffer on the nails and found it easy to use and not scratchy. It did give my nails a slightly scratched look but once I had given then a bit of a soak and applied a hand cream to nourish the nails they were back to looking healthy and smooth. I find when I do this to my nails and look after them a little more closely they seem to be in better condition. These nail buffers help to remove imperfections on the nails and allow my nail polish to not only go on smoother and not only look better but it seems to last better on the nails too. I have really fallen back in love with the nail buffers and no doubt will regularly use one in the future, especially after remembering how much I love them.   

Unfortunately this one seems to be sold out everywhere but I have tracked one down on Boots that is similar for £2.40 which is a really reasonable price and can be found here. There are so many of these on the market and I really think they make a difference to the way my manicure feels and the way it looks. Do you use a buffing block on your nails? I'd also love to know what your current go to summer nail polish colour is this year. 

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