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Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay have a whole range with the Naked theme and really know how to hit the mark and consistently update the line to keep it gaining popularity. I am a sucker for the line and have to say I get over excited at the thought of a new launch. I wanted to share one of the Naked basics palette as they are small, compact and easy to travel with. The palette is meant to be an add on to the Naked palette and can be used in conjunction or can be used as a stand alone or with other products. Cute and compact, can this half sized product live up to its bigger brother? 

The palette comes in a matte brown packaging that has a sturdy clip fastening and can be easily stored without worry it might come undone. The packaging is nice and has a slight rubberised feel to it so it doesn't have a slippery feel and is comfortable to hold. The writing on the top is slightly raised and gives it a nice edge when holding it. Inside the lid of the packaging is a mirror which spans the length of the palette and makes it easy to apply your make up in as it is a decent size. This could be a great travelling feature too as you wont need a separate mirror. 

The shades in the palette work together and compliment each other really well and it would make a perfect palette for on the go. The first shade is Venus and is the only shimmer shade in the palette. it is a slightly off white shade with a lovely subtle shimmer making it a nice inner corner or brow bone highlighter. The shade has a nice amount of pigmentation but due to being so light it has a subtle finish on the skin.

The next shade is Foxy and it is a light yellow toned beige and has a matte finish. This again is quite a pale toned shadow and while you can see it swatched below it is quite close to my skin tone. I do like this shade and usually wear it on the inner part of my lid with the Venus shade on the tear duct are.

W.O.S or Walk of Shame is a light slightly pink toned nude that is also matte. This is my lid shade from the palette when I create a go to day time look. This compliments my skin tone well and is one that doesn't look too heavy if I want to go light or I can use the next shade if I fancy a bit of a deeper look for the day.

Naked 2 is a taupe shade with a matte finish. This is one I can get away with using as a crease transition colour, a lid colour or a subtle crease colour when I want a minimal look with the other lighter shades. I find on my pale skin this is quite versatile and one I can use in conjunctions with other palettes if I just need a crease transition colour.

Faint, is a dusty matte brown that works perfectly in the crease of the eye to add definition and give a subtle contour to the eye, or a dramatic smokier effect if desired. I only use a minimal amount of this in the crease usually, but I have used it as a powder eyeliner on days where I have wore more subtle make up and it looks lovely like that too.

Lastly we have Crave, a black matte which completes the palette. I feel like this gives you the versatility of creating a full smokey eye look with a real impact or having a liner shade to use to finish the look and reduce the number of items you need to pack and take with you. 

I really do like this palette and while I don't always give it the most love in my collection I have rediscovered it and really do think it is one that needs more credit. At £24 it isn't the cheapest palette on the market in terms of eye shadows, but the quality and finish of the Urban Decay shadows really do give it value for money. In my opinion if you are looking for a neutral palette for on the go, or just a starter palette and don't want to commit to a full naked palette this is so beautiful and worth checking out at a counter at least. At £24, I think it is reasonably priced for shadows which will create a lovely day time look, with the option to deepen the look up and make it more of an evening look. I really do like my palette and since rediscovering it have really fallen back in love with it. If you are interested in checking this out you can find it on the Urban Decay website here. I would love to know what your favourite neutral palette is for day to day as I love checking out new ones all the time! 

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