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Treating my hair with hair oils and serums

Years ago if you had asked me to use a hair oil I would have ran in fear, the idea of putting an oil into my hair and the prospect that I imagined a greasy mess being the result I was way to worried to give it a go. I can't quite remember the turning point but I know it was somehow linked to the blogging and YouTube world and seeing it in hair care routines and understanding how to use them and that they wouldn't actually make my hair look greasy. 

I have dyed my hair a lot as a teenager and into my early 20's, which really took it toll on my hair and made it a little more dry and in worse condition than it had previously been. I have used various hair masks and had a lot of things I love to use that made my hair feel nice but once I started to use an oil I really did realise how important they can be at improving the look and feel of my hair.

The thing I find with hair oils is there are so many on the market it can be so hard to know where to start. I decided my first venture would be to buy the own that matched a shampoo and conditioner and I therefore ended up with an Avon hair oil. This one is the 360 nourishment Moroccan Argan oil leave in treatment and I was really impressed with this one and it really did kick me into gear to try more. 

I picked up a Schwarzkopf illuminating oil when I saw it on offer a while ago, like a long time, and I haven't used much of this one but it still works really well I just want to try and use up some of them in order to clear down my collection. I find hair oils also take so long to use up as you need such a small amount that they just never seem to go down, and then suddenly they seem to be half way without you noticing! 

My hair seems to have improved so much in condition since I began using hair oils and I just wanted to give a bit of an insight into them and share my thoughts and experience. I also have tried a few samples of them and I think they are also a great way to try them without committing to a full sized hair oil. I definitely think they are a great way to give hair some extra shine, nourishment and just give it some TLC if it feels a little neglected. Let me know in the comments your favourite hair oil or product as I am always on the look out for new ones to try and I love exploring new brands too! 

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