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Superdrug face make up sponge

I was having a look around Superdrug a few weeks back just seeing what was new when I spotted this range of face sponges they have in their own brand section for just £1 and I knew I had to give it a go and pit it against my Real Techniques blending sponge as I love that one and always want to find something that is equally as good but slightly more budget friendly. I knew this had to be given a test to see how I got on with it. 

The sponge comes in a little plastic bag style packaging which is really nice and has minimal waste. You can chose from a range of colours for the sponge I just happened to go for pink because I liked the look of it! The sponge has a shape that looks a little bit like the number 8, it has a round bottom, goes in at the middle and then has a little pointed section on the top of the sponge for getting into the inner corners of your eye and around your nose. I really like the shape and it is really easy to hold when using the sponge. 

The sponge has a nice texture that feels very similar to the other sponges I have used to apply make up, but I find when I squeeze the sponge it has a denser feel than the real techniques one, which I wasn't sure I liked at first but I find after you start using it you easily adapt to the feel and it doesn't feel much different. I use this wet and find it is really easy to saturate and squeeze the excess water out of which is nice as I do still find going to the sink a bit of a hassle no matter what sponge I use, but I love the finish of a sponge so much its worth it. 

When using this on the face I apply the foundation to the back of my hand and then dot it onto my face before going in with the sponge. This for me has been the easiest way to use them and I would do this with all the sponges I use. I find the shape give you somewhere to grip as my hand fits in the groove in the middle of the sponge easily with minimal effort and allows me to hold to sponge and get precision with the blending. 

I use the flat bottom of the sponge to dab and blend the majority of my foundation in and create a flawless finish on the skin, before flipping the sponge over and using the pointed edge of the sponge to work around my nose area and the inner corners of my eyes. I also find the pointed tip to be really good for precisely blending in concealer to target problem areas. 

My only complaint about this sponge is that is had a slightly strange smell to it, not overly bad, but I did notice it the first time I used it, I want to say a rubber like smell but I don't really know what it smells of. It isn't bad enough to stop me using it, but I do think it could be off putting for some people if you are sensitive to smells. 

Overall I am really impressed with this sponge, it blended my foundation and concealer into the skin easily and gave it a really nice finish which is definitely comparable to the Real Techniques version. I feel like this is a great option if you have never used a sponge before and don't know if you will like them to ease yourself into it without a heavy cost factor, or if you are just on a budget. For the low cost of £1 and the ease of dropping into a Superdrug I can honestly say I will be repurchasing more of these. I don't think it will be replacing my beloved Real Techniques sponge just yet, but they are cheap enough that you could have one specifically for liquid or cream contour, cream highlight and so forth to stop the products becoming mixed on the sponge. Overall I am so glad I bit the bullet and tried this out as I feel like it is definitely worth checking out for the price! Do let me know your favourite way to apply foundation in the comments as I love trying out new tools and testing new things! 

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