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Sleek twist up eye pencil Midnight

I am a lover of the Urban decay eyeliners and while I have quite the collection, see my Instagram pics from last month I have about 20+, and because I have so many that I am happy with I tend to steer clear of trying new ones as I love what I have so on the rare occasion I try a new one it has a lot to live up to in order to become a permanent fixture in my make up collection, and believe me I have tried a few I really didn't like. So can the Sleek one match up to my expectations or was it another flop? 

The pencil has a twist up mechanism which I really like as I hate sharpening pencils, and when you travel it is so annoying to have to remember a sharpener as well. The casing is a plastic pencil shape which has a secure cap that clicks on the ensure the pencil is secure and wont come open or get damaged. I find the pencil is smooth to use and applies without dragging on the skin but isn't too creamy either. 

The pencil glides on the skin or on the water line with minimal effort, no tugging and without having to go over the liner more than once. The product is really pigmented and applies so smoothly and easily that it is very comfortable to work with on the eye. The twist up function means the only thing that comes near your eye is the actual liner and you wont end up with an awkwardly sharpened eye pencil which may have a few loose edges from sharpening. 

The pencil looks lovely on the eye and wears really well only fading small amounts through the day which can often be due to rubbing my eyes or normal wear which I can usually see some wear with any eyeliner I wear. This one lasted really well and while I perhaps may have touched it up a little if I was to wear it all day and then go out in the evening, it would be more to ensure it was a dark jet black colour more so than wear. 

Overall I am so impressed with this liner that I am really tempted to see if they have any colours that aren't too similar to ones I already own in other brands in order to expand my eyeliner collection and give me more flexibility in the looks that I can create. I have found the liner on the Sleek website here and due to me getting it in a gift set, I almost fell off my chair when I realised it was only £2.99! I swear for £2.99 this is an absolute bargain and I seriously will be getting more of these to test out in other colours as this one is great! 

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