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Planning for autumn fashion

Yep, I am probably crazy. However I feel I am justified in this post as I went into a couple of shops yesterday and I started to notice peaks of autumn shining through. This was things like ankle boots, and a few jumpers and I just feel like the next 'big' shopping trip I will do will probably be full of autumn things as I don't have any proper summer holidays planned so if we do have a weekend or a week away in the UK I have clothes I can wear for it. I am delightfully excited for Christmas already but I especially love autumn fashion, the cosy, but not too cold weather makes it feel so comfy and amazing that I just love putting on jumpers and cuddling up under blankets. 

I thought I would share with you three things I am excited to shop for when it comes to having the autumn clothes and me going to update my wardrobe as I have a few things I am looking forward to hunting through the rails for! 

First up, jumpers. I love a good jumper, and never leave home without a jacket, being known to wear a jacket on the hottest day of the year which was between 28 and 30 degrees, I just get cold all the time, ok?! But I love chunky knit jumpers in fun autumn colours and picking out ones with cute things on or nice patterns to switch it up a bit! 

Lets talk about skirts, I am not much of a skirt fan in the summer, which is kinda ironic really, but I am not a fan of skin tone see through tights and so I like to wear skirts in winter with nice thick tights, super cosy one to be precise! I love picking out nice ones and styling them up with shirts and cute jewellery and giving them all a bit of a twist and changing up the way I wear them while still being warm. I am excited to expand my collection this year and move a little more out of my comfort zone as I get bored of jeans and trousers so easily! 

Last for the three things I want to update my wardrobe with is some new boots, I have a pair I bought earlier in the year that are still so beautiful and ones I can't wait to pull back out, but I wont lie I would love a few more to switch it up and give a twist to some outfits! There are already a few I am eyeing up!

I am currently blogging in a cosy hoodie of my husbands as it is a freezing cold day and I just want to be able to properly shop for autumn, but the shops are in the awkward stage of being summer sale, but not properly autumn stock on the new in section. I do promise that there will be a haul over on my channel when I have done some shopping and have some things to share with you all! Let me know what your favourite things for autumn are! 

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