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Perfume samples, a love hate relationship

Perfume samples are one of those weird things I have a lot of and seem to accumulate a lot of. I also have a love hate relationship with them and today I am going to share why I both love and hate perfume samples, as well as how they seem to multiply and never really get used up...

Perfumes can be very expensive if you like to have a lot of different scents to chose from and finding some that work well for you and you love enough to buy can sometimes be challenging. I can't tell you the number of times I have been into Boots or Debenhams to smell perfumes, fell in love with one and gone away thinking I want it, only to decide when it wears down on the skin I am not so keen, or like the time I fell in love with Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb on the little spray cards, only to spray one spray on my hand to smell it on my skin and it smell so strong it actually gave me a bit of a headache as I could smell it walking round shopping.

I absolutely adore perfume samples for testing out new perfumes, Debenhams have an offer on sometimes for 'Try before you buy'. What this really means is, if you buy the product online and it has this offer on you get the full size sealed product you bought, but you also get a sample of the product too. When I wanted to try the Alexander McQueen perfume a while ago and could only get it online this offer was a life saver. I got to try the perfume with the tester and when it wasn't right for me I returned the full size still sealed bottle. I couldn't have tried this perfume without the offer as there wasn't any counters near me with this perfume to smell at the time. 

Perfume samples are also a perfect way to take perfumes on the go, I often take them in my handbag when I am going to events and want to smell a little different to my usual few perfumes I flit between. I can take it in any handbag and they have enough product to touch up the scent without worrying about a big bottle. The take up barely any room and fit in event the smallest of handbags. 

However. While I write this and gush about how they are great, a free way to try a perfume you have wanted to try for months, or a nice convenient, easy to bring along product, I simply find them one of the most annoying beauty related products as well, and I am about to tell you why. 

I almost insist on only using them when I go 'out' when I want to smell different and feel like I am getting the most use out of it to really put it to the test and see if I like it. I usually wear body sprays on a day to day basis for work and around the house, so they get forgotten about. Or I got to go out and spray my usual scents off the top of my dressing table and then remember I have 20 samples rolling around in my jewellery box.

That's the other thing, where do you store these? I have a drawer in my jewellery box dedicated to perfume samples. Nothing else but perfume samples. I admit it isn't the biggest drawer ever, but I have no idea where else to put them and then they are hidden and forgotten about. So forgotten that I don't even think about them some days. 

I would love to know how you feel about perfume samples as I really do think they are amazing, but they just seem to never really fit into my routine as such. I wanted to write this mainly because I am going to select four samples from my drawer and put them on my dressing table to remind me to use them up, and I hope in August I will be able to begin downsizing my collection of perfume samples in order to use them up so I have more space for my jewellery and other bits. I would also love to know your favourite perfume at the minute as I am always on the lookout for new ones to smell when I pass by a perfume counter!

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