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Nottingham street food Jazz and Gin evening

The lovely ladies over at Intu Victoria Centre sent over an invite to their evening of Gin and Jazz within the Street food club which sounded like an amazing opportunity to try out the food, meet up with some lovely bloggers and enjoy a drink or two! I headed into Nottingham after work and squeezed in a bit of shopping before going to the event, be sure there is a haul coming when I have picked up a few more bits and done a bit more shopping! I met up with the other bloggers who are all so lovely and we headed into the event to see what it was all about. 

We had a table reserved just for us, and out own bar to get drinks at specifically for us which was such a nice touch. We had a menu yo show us what the gin's were in order to give us the choice and let us understand what each one was like if you weren't as familiar with gin as others, which I will admit I don't have a clue. Following this we were given a little bit of a talk about the drinks and then some about all the food vendors who were there that evening. We were each given a food token and some drinks tokens to use in order to enjoy the evening and experience the whole thing while we were there. 

After being given a talk about all the vendors and what food was on offer that evening we got a drink and could explore the food vendors. I have gone back to the gym this past couple of weeks properly after easing myself back into it since my op and while we have been going to the gym we haven't been having the best food, so when I saw Clean cut kitchen who offer clean eating and protein packed food I thought it was the best way to go as my body cant handle any more junk food right now! After studying the menu I decided to go for a protein box, I opted for the beetroot and chickpea falafel with the giant cous cous and a mix of toppings, but no sauce. Let me tell you, I think I won for the best dinner, as I could live off this stuff, I am definitely going back to Clean cut kitchen as this was amazing! I wish I lived closer as I definitely think this is one that I would come to a lot more when I was in town. The falafel was delicious, the toppings all worked really well together and the cous cous was cooked to perfection. It was also so filling and definitely worth the £7.50 it should have been had we not had the food token. 

I have to say all the food looked amazing, there was jerk chicken, Vietnamese food, one of the vendors was a finalist on master chef in 2014 I think they said, I wish I could have tried everything! The jerk chicken was recommended as the best the street food club owner has tried, the Vietnamese food, although not my first choice of options for eating out, looked amazing, and everyone looked to really enjoy their food, with us all only leaving the few bits we couldn't quite manage to finish off from being too full! I cannot wait to take my husband here to try it out! 

The music all added to the atmosphere and gave the Street Food Club a lot of character and would be a great place to spend the evening. It was a little hard to chat because it was noisy, but it was still lovely and we could still have conversations between us. The live music was really great although I had to leave shortly after it started as I had to travel home and its takes quite a while to get back from Nottingham to where I live. I had such an amazing time at the event and I am so grateful to have been invited along and given the opportunity to try out the food and experience all the nice things they do. 

When we were about to leave the lovely ladies at Intu were so kind and gifted us a goody bag with some really cool products in that I am so excited to try out and review over the coming months. It was so lovely to see all the brands and places that had contributed and I am always so grateful of all the goodies we get at these events as they don't have to do any 

We first got a lovely Sostrene Grenes catalogue of their office and school supplies which I now have a huge list of things I need to get after reading through it, so I must restrain myself a little when next in town! Also from Sostrene Grenes we have a ball of mint green cotton yarn, I have some plans for this already but I have no idea if they will take shape, so lets not talk about them until I have a better idea!  We also got gifted a rubber which will come in really handy as I want to set up some nice stationary on my desk and I haven't got a rubber so it will come in handy to have a decent one for my set up! We also have a lollipop that I presume is Sostrene Grenes too, it looks so delicious I have been waiting to photograph it to take pictures since I spotted it! 

The rest of the goody bag is beauty themed so we have two things from Clarins, one is the booster repair which I am excited to try as it sounds like it will be really good to help with any skin problems you may have, but I will research more and talk about it more when I review it. I also got a sample of the BB skin perfecting cream in fair, which is amazing as it may actually match my skin to test it out properly as everything like this is normal way too dark for me to properly try out! We then have a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a dream perfume which I am so excited to test out as I haven't managed to smell it yet, but it sounds like it will be nice. I also received a sample of the Lancaster sun beauty velvet touch cream, this is SPF 30 and is for the face so this will be great if I am going on any sunny adventures over the summer to keep my face protected from the sun. 

The last two things are tools, and they are super interesting. First up is a brush, this is the flat top blusher brush from QVS with nylon bristles and gives an airbrushed finish. I am always super excited to test out new brushes as they can be a real game changer in your make up routine. The last thing in the goody bag is some Browtician tweezers which I am so glad to see, I have a really cheap pair of tweezers that I use to pluck my eyebrows and I am now hoping to be able to see if it is worth changing and using higher end tweezers or if they are just simple tweezers like I am used to, so I will definitely be reviewing these! 

I had an amazing time at the event and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go along and experience it. I had so much fun, and if you haven't checked out the street food club and your local to Nottingham, definitely do, I know I will be going back soon with my husband! Let me know your favourite place to eat in the comments as I am always interested to know!

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