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Models own nail polish Glitz and Glam

I am either someone who never goes without nail polish or goes months without painting my nails. Due to the recent events and the hospital stay I had to remove my nail polish and didn't quite end up repainting them and feel like I have been without nail polish for months. I have recently broken the spell with this beautiful blue glitter shade that really drew me in and peaked my interested. I know its not the most summer themed polish but I am really enjoying the colour. 

The bottle is a normal round bottle like Models Own always do, with a clear section housing the nail polish and a signature lid to match the theme of the collection, this one is a silver textured glitter lid that I quite like and find easy to hold when painting my nails. The brush is a really good size and glides along the nail easily giving really good coverage to the nail minimising the amount of times you have to go over the product.

The product is a sheer blue base with silver holographic and blue glitter in the nail polish to give it a  good shine and finish. I love the colour and the finish it has on the nails having a lovely shine from the glitter. The finish isn't overly glossy, and the texture is a little gritty, but with a topcoat this is easily fixed and leave the nails looking beautiful. 

I do feel like the nail polish either needs a base colour or two coats to be fully wearable but with two coats you cant see the contrast of the white tip and the pink part of the nail through the polish. the colour dries quickly to allow you to add the next coat easily and not feel like you are waiting around forever for them to dry. 

Overall I am really pleased with this nail polish, the colour and glitter mix is beautiful and the shine the glitter has when it catches the light is lovely. I found it wore nicely on the nails and I had a lot of compliments on the colour and the way it looked. At £4.99 they are a good bargain and I think they are a great affordable brand. If you want to find the shade it in on the Models Own site here along with the other shades in the collection. Do let me know your favourite brand for nail polish as I really want to update my collection! 

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