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Lush Yellow submarine bath bomb

Whenever Lush bring out anything new I end up like a meerkat, I pop up out of know where and scope out the scene for what I want to try. When I first spotted the yellow submarine on all the Lush summit photos I knew it would be one I wanted to get my hands on. After a long wait I finally picked it up last month and I want to share with you my thoughts on it in case you fancy picking it up!

The yellow submarine has such beautiful detailing on it and really does looks great, I love the touches of pink on the back of it and the way it is so bright and cheerful you know it will make a a lovely bright bath. 

Scented with coconut and a cocktail of Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seed oil giving it a lovely scent. While the scent was nice, it wasn't my favourite from Lush, but it was still nice and I would buy this again based on the scent as well as the way it looked.

I dropped the bath bomb onto the water and was very pleased that it floated on the water from a bath bomb and photo taking session, however, I am a little bit disappointed it didn't sink being a submarine that goes under the water and all, but ya know! it floated along the water fizzing off into a mixture of yellow and pink that combined together to make a beautiful sea of orange water to relax in. 

Overall, I think this was a beautiful bath bomb with the patterns it made in the water and the orange it turned the water was so lovely to relax in, and made it feel extra cosy. I wasn't crazy on the scent, but it wasn't terrible just not to my preference. At £3.95 I feel like this is a reasonable price for Lush and it can be found here if you want to shop it online. I am really glad I picked this up, and it is definitely one I would be looking forward to using in the future. If you have been eyeing this one up I definitely think it is one you should give a go as I really enjoyed it and think you will to! Whats your favourite bath product at the minute?

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