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Lush Think pink bath bomb

Lush have recently reformulated their think pink bath bomb and I was very excited to try it. The beautiful bright pink bath bomb shimmering away in the light was all I needed to be sucked into buying it! Lets face it though, I get drawn into anything new at Lush so there is no surprise I jumped in and got one to try! Being bright pink I could guess it would have me swimming in a bright pink bath with more shimmer than I could desire, and I wasn't wrong. 

The initial shape of the bath bomb reminds me of a flower, and the bright pink is so eye catching while drawing you in to buy the bath bomb. The bath bomb rolled over in the water submerging all of it initially in the water and then began to fizz off and give out mixed tones of pink in the water with silver shimmer flowing out into the water. The bath bomb is so pretty and I felt like a princess sinking into the shimmering pink water that seemed to dance in the light around me! 

The bath bomb is scented with vanilla and tonka this bath bomb has a lovely but subtle scent that that gives a nice aroma to the bath without being overpowering like some of the bath bombs can be. I sometimes prefer the bath bombs to have a more subtle scent to allow them to be used alongside any bath products I want without feeling like I am using conflicting scents. The vanilla in this goes really well with a lot of scents which I really like. 

The bath bomb is so pretty and looks so beautiful in the water, if you love pink, or know someone who does this is the most beautiful bath bomb and one I definitely recommend. At £4.25 it isn't the cheapest bath bomb Lush do, but it is on the larger side and so you get a good bath bomb for your money, as well as how pretty it makes the water. You can find the bath bomb here if you want to check it out on the website, but I do recommend going in store to really see how beautiful it is! I am definitely a bit fan of this one and I will be repurchasing it when I am passing by Lush to have as a back up when I don't have any of the seasonal ones to use! 

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