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Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I went to a Lush event a couple of months ago and was given a lovely goody bag which we got a choice of products we could have in it. I couldn't choose between the face mask and the scrub they have and so I asked for a surprise product and the lovely lady at the shop put this one in the bag. I was really excited to try it and I couldn't wait to see how it worked on my skin.

The mask comes in a black pot which is signature for most of the Lush products that need packaging, and I think this suits the packaging really well as it is so easy to use and you can just scoop the product out and apply it to the face. I find the packaging really easy to store as well as use when in the bath which is great as I hate having to try and use products that I either struggle to store or can't open easily in the bath.

The product itself is a nice thick consistency in the tub that stays put when you move the tub, but is really easy to scoop out and apply to the face, smoothing out easily. The consistency is really nice, it is a nice consistency that smooths easily over the face but has a slightly salt scrub like feel on the the skin, but feels really gentle when applied and smoothed over the face.

The mask has a really lovely peppermint smell, which the make 'magnaminty' suggests, but it isn't overpowering on the skin while you have the mask on. I leave this on for roughly ten minutes depending on how much time I have, sometimes less sometimes longer. I find it so comfortable to wear and easy to have on my face without feeling heavy or too much for a mask. It doesn't feel drying or like it is uncomfortable. The mask does dry somewhat on the skin but it isn't like a heavy clay mask that gets really tight and cracks. I wet the face mask with some water on my hands and begin to massage the mask on my skin using the gritty particles in the formula to exfoliate the skin as the directions suggest.

I find my skin is left smooth and soft and I think it looks lovely when I use this. I have had a really bad hormonal breakout this month which is so annoying as I don't usually get them, but I know its due to the pill change which may be TMI but oh well! I find this made an improvement to my skin, but because it was quite a good breakout it wasn't cleared up by this but it definitely was calmed by this mask and given some TLC to keep it somewhat under control. 

The mask is self preserving, whereas some of the Lush mask needs to go in the fridge in order to be preserved and usable and have a shorter shelf life, but this one doesn't need to be stored in the fridge and has a four month shelf life between being made and needing to be used by, so I feel like this is a great way to remind you to use it and make the most of the mask before it needs to be used up, and shows it is really fresh. The face mask starts at £6.50 for 125g here which is the size I have and I have to say it will last for at least 6 masks, maybe 8 depending how thick the layer is that you apply, and judging from the amount I have used and the amount I have left. I think this is really good value and I love that the face mask uses the fresh ingredients as it is nice to know you aren't putting lots of chemicals on the skin in hopes of making it look better. I really have enjoyed using this face mask so far and while I have about half left to use up I do want to test out some of the other face masks once I have used this one up to make sure I don't have too many on the go at one time. 

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