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Kiehls Creme de corps

When I think of Kiehl's I think skin care, like facial skin care. I know they do a whole range of products with body care, hair care, things targeted specifically for men, and more but I just always think facial skin care. I was really excited to have a sample of the creme de corps body lotion as I have heard so many good things about this and just not quite got round to trying it as my moisturiser shelf has more moisturisers than Boots could stock so I cant justify buying new ones just yet! 

A full sized product is packaged in a bottle style like a shower gel which I find convenient and easy to use personally. The bottle full size range between 75ml and 500ml which gives a nice size range and gives the opportunity to have it in a more travel friendly or sample size or to have in a larger container if you love it and use it a lot.

The formula is a lightweight easy to rub in consistency that when squeezed out is a stable consistency and stays put without being overly runny like some can be. I really like the way the formula has a a slightly thicker feel but is still lightweight as it makes it easier to apply and rub in. The formula rubs into the skin effortlessly and sinks in really quickly. I did on leg and by the time I had done the second the first leg felt hydrated and well moisturised without having a residue left on it. 

I was able to apply my clothing within minutes of finishing applying my moisturiser which was amazing as sometimes it can take a long time for moisturiser to sink in and you end up awkwardly standing unable to get dressed. The formula is marketed as a light weight non-greasy consistency and I am so glad that it stays true to that as I have used many greasy and heavy moisturisers in my time. 

The Creme de corps range has a light weight formula if you want something even lighter, the original formula which is featured here and a whipped formula in a tub if you prefer whipped body lotions. I am so pleased they have the range as although the normal one works fine for me I know some people want lighter or heavier hydration on the skin and this can even vary by season. 

Overall I am so pleased with this formula, I had a few sachets of this and have given it a good go and it is definitely one I would like to pick up in the future. As I mentioned above I have so many body lotions to use up I currently cannot justify having any more but this is so lovely and really does do what it says on the label that I would recommend it to everyone. Retailing between £9 and £47, it isn't the cheapest moisturiser on the market but I think even if you bought the smallest just to try, its really worth testing out if you struggle to find a good moisturiser. You can find this on the Kiehls website here with all the size variants  if you want to check it out. Alternatively pop to your local Kiehls stand and I am sure they will have some sort of tester to have a look at. Do let me know if you have tried this and what you think to it!

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