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July round up

Well, that's the end of July. I am looking forward to August, but hoping the months can slow down slightly! I have a few events planned for august, which will be nice and because of my job, I have the whole of August off! I have had a really positive month in July in terms of my blog and YouTube, a few downfalls too, but overall I am really pleased with the month. So lets take a walk back through the month to see what I have been up to. 
Today marks seven months of daily blogging here on my little blog, and how grateful I am that you all continue to stick around and support me. I really do strive to create the best content I can on here and with the introduction of my YouTube journey last month I have really felt the pinch when it comes to getting time to do it with a full time job. However the good news is, I have 6 weeks off now and I have planned so much content for August both on here and on my channel, so not only will you get daily blogging  but I guarantee you will have at least 2 videos a week for august and I have lots of ideas for the autumn and winter months.

I have finally been able to get back on the gym this month, after my op and it getting infected I am now feeling well enough to exercise and really get my body back into it. I find I tell myself I cant do things a lot fo the time and I just need to confidently go in the gym and lift the heaviest weight I can without injury and just push my body, because I can do it! 

I have attended two events this month and have been able to have a lovely time with some of my blogger friends. The first event is the Nottingham street food club event where we were invited along for Gin and Jazz, and I wrote a blog post here talking all about what I got up to and what it was like. I had a great time and the food was amazing which is always a bonus, as anyone I know will tell you I love food. 

The second event was at Beauty temple in Mapperley just outside Nottingham. I have been to an event in the Beauty temple at the city centre and I was really excited to go along and see the new salon. I decided to venture into the world of YouTube vlogging and vlog the event, so if you want to see more about it and my attempt at vlogging, you can find that here. It was so lovely to have my nails done, chat with the staff and get to see some of the familiar faces from the blogging world! 

Overall July has been a really lovely month, it has had its life ups and downs, but to be honest every month does! I have slacked on the videos recently, but I am back up to speed with it all now and I am so pleased to be able to put more time and effort into both my blog and YouTube as they really are things I love. 212 posts and days into the year I feel like this has been a challenge to daily blog, but I can't stop myself now! What have you been up to this month, leave me a comment to let me know as I am always interested to learn more about you lovely lot who keep sticking around! 

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