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How I plan and prep for the month on my blog

This year I feel I have really tried to up my blogging game, I have worked hard to post content every day and after 6 months of doing so while working full time and keeping up a house I thought I would share a few of my secrets, I wont share them all today as a few of them I want to save for future posts, and not make this one too long! If you are interested in finding out more about how I plan ahead and make sure I have content for every day of the month be sure to read on! 

My first tip is decide what content you want for the month and how much. Do you want to post three times a week, five times a week or everyday?  I have a monthly planner from B and M bargains that I can write all my ides on. It lists the days down the side and has blank boxes along the top as well as space to write a months worth of dates in the boxes. I put in all the dates 1-31 for the month and then I can roughly see what the month will look like. I then use one box at the top to write how many reviews, fashion posts and misc posts I want for the month and I can then start to decided what content I want to go on it. I have decided to show you September as I have all my content for this month planned and I don't want you to see what else is coming, as well as some things planned for August which I don't want to reveal before they are up! On the side I have a to do list which I use to write things such as 'plan OOTD's, or 'take swatch photos' or sometimes I will list post ideas to help me keep track of any that I have thought of but don't know when they will go up yet. I then have a page with every blog post I want to do for the month on and I can come back to it any time. I do change things sometimes but usually I stick to this as my post schedule for the month. 

Following this, I collect together a selection of products I want to review for the month and take bulk blog photos. This could be a week, two weeks or the whole month. It can take a long time to do this and it can be quite a long process, but I do feel it is worth setting aside an hour or two to take photos and then you have a stockpile of them to chose from and you can swap posts around then. Not feeling a lipstick review today? That's ok because we already have the foundation photos prepped as well! I tend to use fresh flowers for all my photos which means I take a months worth of photos over one or two days, this can consist of up to 100 photos for my blog before I start taking individual swatch photos for posts, its a long process but I am really happy with my content and how it is evolving this year. 

For my blog I draft a lot of content before even beginning to write it, one thing I always do when drafting a post is add the photos. I find that the photos take up a lot of memory card space and I often don't carry memory cards with me so I find that if I add the photos I can then add the text anywhere on the go without having to worry about anything else. I find that by doing this I don't need to have any lists of blog ideas, I literally just need an internet connection and something to type on and I'm away. I can pick which post I want to write, weather it be on the lipstick I've been wearing that week, or the bath bomb I used the night before. Maybe I have an OOTD idea and I simply want to write a list on the post of what I plan to wear in order to then be able to get the outfit together when I get home. I love blogging on the go and have blogged on my laptop on bus journeys, blogged when visiting family to get both done, spend some time with them and chatting and then spend some time doing work as a lot of family don't mind me working on my content while I am there as they are really supportive. 

I try to keep an up to date list of all the products I haven't yet reviewed on my computer on my word document and I then take things off either at the end of the week when I have wrote my posts, or do a sweep at the end of the month after my content has gone up. I also go through and add on products as I buy them to make sure I don't let anything slip through the net and not get reviewed. I find this also helps as I can load up the document and see what I can add for review without even having to leave my desk and look through products in my collection. 

I suppose I am quite lucky in the sense that my husband and I have a bit of a structure to our evenings, we have days where we go to the gym and then spend a bit of time on our own PC's working on things of our own, we have a night a week where we don't go on the PC's and just enjoy some time together and watch movies, and then there are weekends where sometimes we spend a lot of time together, such as yesterday we went on a long forest walk and enjoy a day together and then other weekends for instance when thee garden needs mowing and we have a lot of home jobs to do I can find some time to blog and create content at the weekend while we alternate some of the house jobs. My husband is so supportive and always allows me to put my blog and my venture into YouTube first, making sure I can make content and it be the best it can be in order to help me have time to create the content and share my passion with you all!

I hope these tips were really helpful for you and give you a better insight into how I keep on top of my blogging content. I work set hours every week which helps and I ways know exactly what hours I will be at work and what times I will be at home everyday which really helps me to plan in ahead for taking photos in natural light, or knowing when I will have time before me finishing work and my husband finishing work to utilise that time for either blogging or even just to get housework done without having to decide if yo spend time together or clean up.  Let me know in the comments if this was helpful, and what your best tip is for staying organised and on top of blogging as I am always looking for new tips and ways to keep organised! 

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