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Hair colours, hair dye...

Throughout my teens, probably from being about 13 or 14 I have dyed my hair so many times I wouldn't want to even guess how many. A recent venture with some of the dyes you see here have led me to wonder how hair is viewed as an accessory. I mean when my hair is all these fun colours it changes the way I dress and what make up I pick to wear, I chose more neutral tones for my make up as to not clash with the colours of my hair and tend to be careful of the colours I wear. So does this make it an accessory or is it just something we have and dye. 

I can honestly say I have had my hair every colour you could possibly imagine and I have to say its been quite a journey. I had creative freedom in secondary school and could have my hair any colour I desired and a lot of us did. I had it bright pink for a long time, I had blues, I'e had reds and purples and even when at college I did it pink with blue underneath my fringe and at the back where my neck is. I though it looked amazing!

In college they were equally as laid back and I continued to dye my hair bright and fun colours, and I was in my element. There is something quite fun about having the ability to just dye your hair and know a few weeks down the line it will be gone and you can go back to the original colour. At uni I did a bit less of the dying, but my living situation meant it was a little harder for me to be able to dye my hair while living away and I didn't want to risk staining the bathrooms and angering my house mates or the staff! 

When I got my first job, they seemed pretty lapse about it, I did small sections in my fringe and everyone was ok with it all and I would have fully understood if I wasn't allowed to have it like that. I have has so many amazing colours and when I think back to all the hair styles and colours I have had it is such an amazing journey, I will think about sharing some of it with you all at some point! 

I kind of got to the point where I rationalised, I decided that I was a proper adult, with a proper job and it was ok that I couldn't have my hair all the crazy colours I used to and I put it to the back of my mind. About 3 months ago I began seeing all the colourista dye jobs and I began the craving to dye my hair, I knew it was unrealistic at the time and then when I saw them on offer in my local Asda I bought all four here and decided as soon as I broke up from work for the summer I would dye my hair and go crazy! 

I feel in many ways my freedom to get my creativity out and really unleash the wants and creativity of finding myself as I grew up really helped shape me as the person I am today, and maybe it did cause the itch I had to dye it this summer, but it also curbs the itch to dye it the other weeks of the year where my job doesn't allow it. I feel like my hair is one outlet of creative freedom that I either go all out with, or not at all, and to be honest with you all I think this summer I am going to have pretty epic hair, if I do say so myself. And take into consideration that its been a brownie ginger colour for about 8 months with no dye at all! 

I would love to know what crazy colours you have dyed your hair if you have, or if you like to keep it natural coloured. DO let me know in the comments! Also a fun question, if you could dye my hair any colour what colour would you dye it? 

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