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Essence matt matt matt long lasting lipgloss - Girl of today

Essence are a budget friendly brand that have become available in Wilkinson's stores and I couldn't wait to give them a go. Around Christmas time I got a palette from the brand in a Glossy box and I decided I was in love with the palette and needed to check out more! I have been meaning to get some things from the range for a while and just haven't had chance to do so, and as you can tell from the 6 months of daily blogging I have had a whole host of products to review so didn't need to pick up anything new.  I finally bit the bullet and picked up some bits to test out and this is one of the things that caught my eye.

The name of this was what caught my eye, the 'matt matt matt long lasting lip gloss'. It cant be a lip gloss and be matte, so I decided to pick it up. It has a velvet matte finish so it still has a little bit of shine but is still an almost matte finish. The packaging comes in a lip gloss style tube with a clear bottle and a black lid and writing. I love that the tube is clear so you can see the exact colour, as well as you can see how much is left when you start to use it up.

The formula is quite thick and it very much a cream feel when applied. The doe foot applicator is a little bit bigger than I anticipated but I think the size is so nice for applying to the lips and giving them some definition, and I do find it easy to use. The tube is a nice chunky size which is easy to hold and the lid which you hold to apply the product is really comfortable in the hand and works well to give precision.

The shade is a lovely mauve pink toned finish that looks stunning on the lips, glides on smoothly and has a beautiful, opaque finish instantly. I know we are still in July but this is the sort of shade I love for transitioning into winter before we pull out the really deep berry tones to wear. The formula stays a creamy feeling product on the lips and doesn't fully dry down which I don't mind, but this does mean it isn't fully transfer proof. I did find that despite it transferring onto the cup I was drinking from the colour still looked lovely on the lips and didn't look patchy or faded.

I find the wear time on this to be rather substantial for a creamy product and it really does have a great finish on the lips. If I was to eat a meal I would touch the colour up, as I would with any lip product, however I do feel that it is a great product for longevity compared to others I have in similar formulas.

Overall I am really impressed with this lip product, I was very surprised by the formula and wasn't sure if I would like it or not but I really do, and I think it has a lovely feeling on the lips as well as having really good staying power on me, and I think for £2.30 it is a great bargain. If you are interested in shopping these you can find this shade, and with a quick search the rest of the range on Wilko's here. Excuse the lack of a swatch picture I will pop back and add it in this evening when I am home from work, the photo i took seems to have fallen off the planet and my camera is dead from filming two YouTube videos, whoops! I hope you still enjoyed it, let me know your favourite lip product in the comments. 

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