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Benefit They're real remover

Benefit have an iconic range of make up with their 'They're real' mascara being a staple in the line with many people loving it. I was so pleased to get a sample of the 'They're real' remover in order to test it out and see how well it works on make up. I have out this to the test and given it a good go against my normal cleanser to really see if it is worth the investment. 

The full size product comes in a squeeze tube style packaging and is 50ml so you are getting a nice amount for your money. The product is a white cream like formula that is thinner and feels a bit gel like when it is worked into the face. The instructions say to apply to a cotton pad and work into the skin but I prefer to use my hands to work it into the skin and it worked just fine.

The formula worked into the skin easily and I could see it visibly breaking up the make up in front of my eyes. I decided to put this through its paces and for the test I wore a thicker layer of foundation than I usually would, two heavy coats of mascara and a really bright lip to easily see the make up as it broke up. I did wear the Benefit They're real mascara to give this a fair test against the product it was created to go with. The product turns clear when worked into the skin before going the colour of the make up you are washing off, such as black for mascara and the bright pink over my lips where I had tested it against a harsh long wear lip colour. 

I like to spend about two or three minutes working the cleanser into the skin and really getting all the make up off. I usually find the make up breaks down a lot quicker than this but I love giving it a deep clean that pulls any hard to get make up off. I love the way I could see the make up breaking down the more I rubbed this in, but didn't feel it was harsh on the skin. I have some cleansers that mildly irritate my eyes if I am careless when taking off my mascara but I found this one really pleasant and even when working the mascara out of my lashes it didn't sting or irritate my eyes. 

The cleanser left m,y skin clean and fresh and feeling really lovely. My dry skin has flared up unrelated to this, I think its the weather, but this didn't irritate it or make it worse which I like as it is very temperamental and doesn't like a lot of things! I was very impressed with the ease and minimal effort I had to put into this as I really hate taking off my make up and having ones that take less time are always going to be in my good books! 

In terms of skin care I feel I have tried a range of cleansers and think this is definitely one of the few I would buy again and would want in my collection. I think it works really well to remove the Benefit mascara and my foundation and bright lips were broken down with ease, but at £15.50 it is one of the slightly more expensive ones I have tried. For me personally I really like the formula of the oil based ones with a pump and because they dispense the correct amount with minimal effort and no waste I think I will stick to them for now, but I definitely would come back to this one as it is definitely a nicer cream gel formulas that I have got to try. If you do want to check this out and learn more you can find it on Boots here, with more hints and tips from Benefit on how to use it and what they recommend. Let me know your favourite cleanser in the comments as I would love to try more! 

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