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Benefit They're real mascara

When Benefit launched the They're real mascara I was very excited to try it, I tried it back when it launched and felt a bit underwhelmed which I put down to being because it had so much hype. I recently got a mini of it in a set and decided I needed to give it one more go. So many people loved it and I just couldn't work out why I hadn't really loved it in the first place, so here is my second chance review. 

The tube is a normal mascara style packaging with a reasonably size mascara wand which is a good size for applying the make up to the lashes. The wand is a mix of long bristles with short bristle rows in between which helps to catch the lashes, and then there is a ball like shape that is on the end of the brush that helps to get right into the corners and catch every lash.

The mascara is really easy to apply, and I find the brush really easy to work with, this is even a mascara wand I like to also use on my bottom lashes and I have been using a specific mascara for lower lashes as I find most wands are too hard to work with. the mascara catches the lashes and works well to prevent them clumping and making the mascara look over the top.

I find the mascara dries pretty quickly and doesn't tend to smudge on my eyes when applied. I feel it lasts well through the day with minimal signs of wear and no flakes being visible around the eyes as the day goes on. I like that this kept the look of my lashes all day keeping them looking beautiful and freshly applied all day. 

I feel like this mascara is nice and does add both volume and length, but I think for the title 'They're real' I was hoping it would be a little more of a false lash effect that needed to convince people 'they're real'. I find that I have had similar results from cheaper mascaras on the high street and while it could be that I don't have super good lashes to begin with or it could be that I am just hoping for it to give me an actual false lash effect that I know I probably wont get but I just wasn't wowed. 

Overall I think the mascara is so lovely and works really well to give extra length and definition to the lashes, but on me I just don;t feel it does enough to justify the price tag, or the connotations of the branding. The mascara comes in a mini size for £10.50 which can be found here and is roughly the size of the one pictured above, while the full size is £20.50 and can be found here in a choice of black brown or blue. If you have good lashes to begin with I think you will like this a lot, but if like me you have poor lashes I can get the same effect for much less on the high street and so do not think this is something I will be looking to repurchase. 

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