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Batiste Speed it up smoothing blow dry accelerator

I was in Boots a couple of weeks ago and I decided I was in need of a heat protection product. I often let my hair air dry, butt on the occasions I do feel I need to blow dry or straighten my hair I don't have a heat protection spray to keep my hair protected and in top condition. As I was in store picking up some other bits I headed to the hair aisle in order to check out what heat protection sprays they had on offer and was instantly drawn to this one. Not only have I not seen these products from Batiste before, the claim it can speed up my blow dry was a real winner in my book as one of the main reasons I put off blow drying my hair is that I find it tedious and boring! While claiming to speed up blow drying by 30% it definitely peaked my interest and made me want to see what it was like. So did this actually work, or is it a glorified heat protection spray? 

The bottle is a lovely turquoises shade that I really like and I picked the Smoothing version of this. There is also a pink bottle which is a shine spray version and a purple bottle which is frizz taming. I really like that they have three varieties as I feel like there will be one to suit everyone. The bottle is a spray style and is easy to use, the spray has good distribution and covers thee hair nicely with the mist that is dispersed. The only thing I feel I might prefer is if the bottle was clear to see how much was left, but that's not a bad thing as weight gives me a rough indication of when I will need a new heat protection spray.

When I get out the bath or shower and my hair is wet I give it a little bit of a rub with the towel just to remove any obvious excess water and then go through to my bedroom to sit at my dressing table ready to blow dry my hair. I spray this in and then sometimes I will section my hair and brush as I dry, similar to a hairdressers blow dry or I will just throw my hair upside down and just go for it! I find this easy to spray and distribute onto the hair and either finger combing and roughing up my hair to get it evenly spread onto the hair, or brushing it through to get a even coverage. 

I spray a round 6 sprays of this onto my hair in different sections, but mainly I focus on coverage and covering the hair rather than the amount of sprays, although I am usually cautious of how much product I am applying to the hair. I then just begin blow drying. I timed myself blow drying my hair to know exactly how long it took. I have two heat settings and two speed settings on my hair dryer and its nothing fancy, but I use speed 1 and heat 1, just because I don't want to use too much heat on my hair, but I do think it might perhaps dry my hair faster on the hotter and faster setting anyway but I wanted a fair test. 

In a non weird way, my hair reaches about my nipples in length and while it isn't overly thick the length can sometimes make it take a little bit longer as I can find the ends aren't always dry if I have held the drier at my roots too long and not moved it around very much. I was able to dry my hair from still having some drips coming off with a rough wringing out over the bath when I got out to fully dry in 4 minutes and 46 seconds, as I timed it on purpose when using this. For me this is really good as it can usually take me a lot longer and I often end up wrapping it in a towel and leaving it to part dry before blow drying to cut down on the drying time. My hair was left feeling soft and smooth as well as healthy, I feel like this is something that really does protect your hair from heat, and for me did did speed up drying time. 

At £4.49 from Boots, I am sorry I cannot find it on the website, I think it is a really great product. Being in the market for a new heat protection spray I would have bought this regardless of if it claimed to speed up the blow drying time as I thought it looked interesting, and was skeptical of the claims. However upon using it for a while I do feel like it works well to protect the hair and I am sure it has made blow drying my hair a lot faster than it used to be, meaning I am more inclined to do it. While I do not feel the other two in the range appeal to me I think they are a great option, based on this one, if you are looking for more shine or if you need a frizz taming element to your hair care. Whats your favourite hair product to use? 

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