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Barry m metallic matte lip - Allure

Do you ever see a trend and think 'WOW' but then your just a little to shy to wear it? Well this is the story of me and metallic lips. Well, it was until I thought, why am I being insecure when I could just not care about what people will think and buy a beautiful lip colour! I was browsing Superdrug stands and came across these new Barry M matte metallic lip paints. Three stunning shades, a deeper bronze shade, this pink colour and a coppery shade. I couldn't resist the pink as I just thought it was so wearable and would be easier to pull of than some of the others. So was it worth finding a shade I felt I could wear? 

The Barry M lip kit comes sealed in a box when you buy it to contain the lip pencil and the lip colour in one convenient place. This allows them to remain the pair and not get mixed up with other colours. I love that the outside packaging on the box is colour coordinated with the inside product as I have been known to buy the wrong colour when things look similar or have been placed in the wrong product slot. 

The lip pencil is a wooden pencil which requires sharpening, but is a nice consistency. It has a nice firm consistency which takes a little bit of pressure to apply but is still really easy to use and looks lovely on the lips. It is a nice formula which I could wear with a lot of pink toned lip colours over the top, but it makes a nice stand alone colour too if you just wanted to apply this all over the lips. The lip liner also has a metallic sheen to it which is so lovely as it really didn't have to as the base colour but it is a lovely touch. 

The lip colour itself is in a lip gloss style packaging and is quite a thin formula when applied. Although it feels a bit thin and watery it still has great pigmentation on the lips and looks lovely. It does take a slight bit longer to dry on the lips than some others I have used, but did only take a minute or two still and was fully dry if you don't apply a thick layer. I find one layer in a thin coat works perfectly well and blends over the lip liner to give flawless full coverage. Shown above is the colour on the lips with the lip liner underneath and I think the effect is beautiful. 

When on the lips the colour lasted really well and showed minimal signs of wear when just talking and taking sips of a drink. I would, as I always say, want to reapply this after eating, but I just find it easier to start again when I have eaten as sometimes it can look a bit odd if you reapply lip colour over the top of slightly worn colours. I just like to keep my make up looking the best it can especially after I have eaten or done a task that may wear away the lip colour. 

Overall I am so thrilled with this lip colour, a beautiful matte with a metallic shine finish that looks beautiful on the lips, it is a real winner in my eyes. I love the colour and from swatching the other two shades in store they are equally as beautiful and pigmented, so if you are looking for metallic lips I recommend Barry M's version a lot. At £6.99 they are a great competitive price on the market and to have a lip liner with them too it really is a great deal. I am so glad I held off buying some from more expensive brands as I still don't know how brave I am for wearing this out the house regularly but I do think I want to reconsider the other shades now I have seen this one in action! If you are interested in these lip colours you can find them on the Superdrug website here, as well as on your local Barry M stand. Have you tried metallic lips yet? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I've heard such good things about the Matte Me Kits, I love the idea of a metallic lip, but I think because my lips are quite big they have looked a bit silly in the ones that I've tried in the past!
    I definitely want to get one of the regular kits though, I've heard they're great!

    1. I haven't tried the regular line but these matte ones are so good I definitely need to get some of the regular line! xx

  2. I definitely want to pick on up now I've read your review! It really suits you

    Tasha x


    1. Thank you! I really love it, I cant wait to try more from the line! xx

  3. This lip kit there looks great ! So far I only own one Matte Me Up single liquid lipstick in the shade Pop Up and I'm so in love with it that I decided I should definitely get all the other singles and lip kits when I could ! So, this morning I placed an order on Feelunique and got almost all of them. Since I live in France it's impossible to come across this brand like you can in the UK, but as I'm traveling to London on Monday for a whole week, then I'll get the rest of the shades, yeehah ! :D
    I can't wait to try my new Lip Kits ! :D You should try Primark's too, they're pretty great ! :D

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

    1. Oooh wow thats awesome! I have tried one of the single liquid lip colours from Primark, but I definitely need to try more things! Have an amazing time in London! xx