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5 things I want to do in the next 3 weeks

I have one more week at work and then I break up for some time off, so I wanted to make sure I have some set goals to work to and really keep me in check and on the ball ready for when I have some free time and my husband is at work and no doubt I will pretend I am bored and have nothing to do. So lets make some goals to get done over the next few weeks and you can all keep me in check and make sure I do them!

First up I want to declutter my clothing. I spoke about this in yesterdays post and I realised today just how much I have in my wardrobe. The shoes have to go too! I don't really know where to sell them and what is the best approach to this, but I really want to downsize and give someone else the opportunity to get some use out of the things I no longer want or need. I have so much stuff that fills my wardrobe that I cannot justify buying more as I have no space, but I have a lot that I just don't want or wear and I need to downsize to see exactly what I have. 

Second of all I want to sort my office room out, I want to give it a good sort out and tidy and really decide what my filming setup if going to be like. I am struggling with lighting so I need to come up with a plan for that, but I can do that once I have come up with a setup that I am happy with and will work for me and can decide what sort of lighting I will need to make it better quality. I have a lot of unused things in the room and I can definitely get rid of a few things and give it a nice make over. 

Next up I want to look into some online courses. Although I sometimes find I am not great when it comes to studying and I can get carried away procrastinating and if I don't quite feel into what I am studying it can be a real push to do it, I want to expand my knowledge and really explore new ideas and gain more knowledge about areas I don't work in. I am going to see if there are any I can do over the summer, or perhaps sign up to some to begin working on online when the next academic term comes around as an evening and weekend thing. 

I find that sometimes I am really in front with my blogging and other times I'm rushing around the night before to get the post for the next day written. I want to make sure I can get back in front with the posts and videos in order to make sure I can continue to post good quality content and while I have some free time it makes sense to work hard on getting things done for when I have less time to myself. 

Lastly, I want to get my husband to send me a list of potential dates he can have for holidays off work and I want to really look into booking a holiday. As it stands it will have to be a UK break as I don't actually own a passport, but I really do feel like it would be nice to have a few nights away. I feel I am due a holiday! Although we had our honeymoon a little over 7 months ago,  I think the first half of this year has been very stressful to say the least and so a nice break away from everything will do us good. 

Let me know what your plans and goals are for the coming months and weeks as I love being inspired by other peoples goals. I feel like these next few weeks will be good to have another deep clean of my house that I like to do when I get time off as I do a normal clean of the house while at work then ever month or two I get to have a good deep clean and pull things out to get behind them to make sure its all freshened up! 

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