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Urban Decay Naked Heat First impressions

I don't think you need an introduction on how obsessed with the Naked range I am, and if you aren't familiar, well lets just I would buy any of the eye palettes without seeing it because I just know I will love it! The Naked Heat is one I was in love with instantly. I was quite surprised in myself as I shy away from really warm orangey-red tones but I knew I was so in love with the colours I couldn't not buy it! I also think there is a lot of the brown undertone to the colours as well so I know I will get a lot of use from the palette.

The palette is in the style of the naked smokey, it had the magnetic closure and the patterned lid rather than the velvet of the original or the tin like packaging of the naked 2 and naked 3. The writing is slightly raised, but isn't really noticeable unless you run your finger along the lid of the palette. The full span of the lid is a mirror, which as always is beautifully clear and excellent quality. Each of the pans is set in the palette as they are the others side by side with the name printed at the bottom, and then a brush running the length of the palette. If you decided you don't want the brush in the palette a full size eyeliner will slot in the brush gap for ease of traveling. 

Lets take a look at the first six shades in the palette. The first shade is ounce, this is the lightest shade in the palette and is a light golden beige with soft pearl shimmer. This will be a lovely inner corner highlight for me or brow bone highlight. I love that it is a soft almost matte finish but the shimmer gives it a lovely twist and makes it a little more interesting. 

The second shade is Chaser. This is a light brown with a warm undertone and a matte finish. I love shades like this for when I begin building up the crease colour. I would be able to use this all over the lid as a light base and work int into the crease before I build in a darker brown. 

Sauced is the next shade, and as you can see above the first four shades are gradually getting slightly darker, so this is a mid-brown with an warm orange undertones and has a matte finish. Just like chaser this is one I can use to build us the beginning of a crease transition colour in a way that I can still use this on the lid. 

Low blow is a slightly darker mid brown once again with orange undertones to give it a warm finish and has a matte finish. I love that the first four shades can be seem to work so perfectly together and I can imagine I will use these as a really quick go to matte look that I already know before using them properly will blend seamlessly and make a lovely day to day look. 

Lumbre is a medium coral-red tone and a pearly sheen. Oh my! I cannot begin to say how much I adore this colour! It is a warm coral with a golden sheen and I know it is just simply beautiful. I would definitely buy this as a single shadow if it hadn't been a part of the palette and I imagine I would use this a lot when I really get stuck into using the palette everyday. 

He devil is a medium red-brown which has warm undertones and a matte finish. I would normally shy away from these types of shades but this is such a lovely colour that is paired with a group of colours that look flawless together I know I can make it work and don't feel intimidated by it all. 

I have to say, while I love all the shades so far, I am banking on this being worth the money for the pure fact I am so in love with Lumbre, it is such an amazing shade and I really do love the way it swatches so I am sure I will get loads of use from this! Following on from this we then have the warmer and darker shades in the palette. 

We then have the darker shades in the palette, the first is Dirty talk, this is a medium coppery brown, it has a warm orange undertone and a shimmer finish. I cannot get over the colour of this it is such a beautiful copper shade and I know this will add a lovely accent to the center of the eyelid or all over the lid. 

Scorched is a medium brown with reddish undertone and a metallic sparkle finish. Another shade I instantly fell in love with when I swatched it and was so impressed with the colour, and amazing one and one I will reach for a lot, I can already tell! 

Cayenne is a muted slightly darker brown, this has warm undertones and a matte finish. I love the way there are so many lovely matte shades in this palette, I know this will make a great outer corner shadow when I want a neutral look for day time and want the outer corner to have definition. 

En Fuego is a meduim-dark red with a plum undertone and warm undertones. The matte finish give it a versatile finish to use with the other redder shades as perhaps a crease colour to smoke out slightly. I was slightly disappointed with this shade as it didn't swatch as creamily as the other colours in the palette, however I know this can be a good thing for darker colours as sometimes I go in too heavy handed and end up with way too much. I am hoping this will perform better with a brush and being built up to create a smokey look.

Ashes is a purple plum tone with a slight warm brown undertone and again a matte finish. I do love this shade and think it is a beautiful colour, however, like En Fuego it doesn't swatch as nicely as the other shades, but I will work with it and really give it a fair go as I know for me having to build it up slightly will be good as I am too heavy handed with the dark shades, but I wish they swatched slightly nicer than they did.

Last but not least we have ember, a deep bronze shadow with a beautiful frosted sheen that almost looks metallic. I have to say I am a sucker for these shimmering shades int he palette. I love that they didn't go for a black within this palette as I personally don't reach for black shadow very often and so I find it is a little useless for me if I end up with too many black shadows and have one in almost all. I love that this will smoke out nice and would still create a nice smokey eye and dramatic look, but you aren't left feeling like you need to smoke it out too dark.  

I find the shimmer shades are my favourite, and I am so excited to be able to wear these and have a good play with as many looks as I can do with the palette. I am overjoyed that I got to purchase this n the early pre-sale and I know you are wondering how I have it so quick, well my beautiful husband (he actually ordered it me while I was at work!) insisted I had it sent next day delivery, as he understands my obsession and undeniable love for Urban Decay and there eye palettes! At £39.50 it is in line with the price of the other Naked palettes, and they are such great quality I definitely think they are worth the price tag if you are looking to get a warm tone palette. If you want to see the website link for the palette, I think they are putting a waiting list on, or just want to see the official listing and description you can find it here. Let me know what your favourite Naked palette is and why as I love them all and wouldn't know how to decide! 

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