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Urban Decay Naked 3

I have got all the Naked eye shadow palette except the newest Naked Basics one, its on my wishlist I just haven't justified getting it yet when I already have the rest! I got the Naked 3 palette when it launched and I have got a lot of use from it since, and thought I would share it with you on here, despite it being and older palette on the market. In beautiful rose toned neutral packaging the hues of the palette are of a pinker, rose toned hue compared to the usual neutral shades we think of, which makes it different but still very wearable. Lets explore what the palette has to offer. 

The palette is set in a metal tin packaging, this reminds me of those old school tin pencil cases when I was at school, but in a good way. I feel like this is such a sturdy way to package the palette and I am not nervous to travel as I know it stays shut and is secure. The base of the tin has the 12 eye shadow pans and a slot where a double ended brush is included in the product. The lid has a full length mirror across the top of the palette which is clear and great to use while travelling or if you want a mirror to use for detail when you need to see it close.

Within the 12 shades there are only three which are matte/without glitter, with the rest having some level of shimmer within them.The shades are set out in a way they graduate from light to dark which I find so easy to coordinate and it gives it a beautiful graduated finish to the overall look. For all the shades I have swatched it on the left with no base and on the right with a little bit of the Urban Decay primer potion so you can see it with a base too. 

The first shade in the palette is the shade Strange, this is described as a pale neutral pink which was a matte-satin finish. This is a lovely neutral inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight that is softer than white as it has the pink undertone that will blend and compliment the rest of the colours perfectly. 

Dust, the next shade is a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent mirco-glitter. This is a lovely pale pink shade with a beautiful sparkle to it. I feel this has a sheerer colour pay off, and isn't quite as pigmented as some of the other colours, but I use this sometimes as a finishing colour to put over the look to add extra shimmer and sparkle. 

Burnout is a light pinky peach satin finish colour. This has a lovely amount of pigmentation and is the exact type of shade I would expect to be in the palette, it has the rose hue with the peach tint giving it a subtle rose gold feel. I really like this and often use this one on the main part of the lid. 

Limit is a light dusty rose in a matte finish, this is a really pretty shade that has a lovely rose pink tone. I use this a lot as it is a matte finish which allows me to use it as a lighter crease colour for a pale toned look, or a transition to the darker matte shade Nooner which I will come on to shortly. 
Buzz is a metallic rose shimmer finish with silver micro glitter in it. While I can see the sparkle of the micro glitter, you cant fully tell it is silver as it blends in with the colour of the shadow and leaves it looks like one rose toned shadow with sparkle which just catch the light. This is such a lovely colour and one that really stands out and looks beautiful on the eyes. It is a more true rose toned colour within the palette and definitely a stunning pink if you love pink eye shadows that are still subtle and not over the top. 

The last one in the first six is Trick, this is metallic pink-copper shimmer with tonal micro shimmer. I haven't reached for this colour a lot through using the palette, it is the more copper/gold tone the palette has and while it is beautiful I feel it is slightly less pigmented than some of the other colours. I do however think the copper glow it has makes it look so beautiful and brings an extra dimension to the palette in order to blend the colours through to a more orange/peach toned look. 

The next six shades are going into the darker range of the palette, I think it there are some lovely shades in this and the dark shades all compliment the palette really well and make it so you can create a huge range of looks with just this one palette, from light and minimal to a full smokey eye.

Nooner is a medium pink-brown matte finish shadow and is the last of the matte shades in the palette, this is my go to crease colour when I use the palette as it blends out well and creates a nice transition shade for the rest of the colours. It is quite a neutral shade that would work well with all the colours to blend them together and create a great look.

Liar is a medium toned metallic mauve shimmer. This is such a richly pigmented shade that looks so stunning on the skin, it has a rich mauve tone and the shimmer is slightly bronze looking which gives it a beautiful finish. 

Factory, the next shade, is a pinky brown satin, this is a lovely not too shimmery colour which still has a shine to it and looks lovely on the lids the is a little more brown toned than pink, but the slight pink undertone allows for it to work well with all the other colours in the palette. 

Mugshot is a metallic taupe shimmer with a slight pink reflect. This is a nice deep brown shade that will compliment so many looks and is a perfect deep crease colour that is still natural and can be sheered out for a lighter crease, or built up for more impact. 
Darkside is the second to last shade in the palette, these now get to more of a deeper colour that can be used to create slightly smokier looks. This shade is a deep taupe mauve with a satin finish. The finish seems slightly less of a shimmer than some of the other satin colours, but you can tell this isn't a flat matte colour. This is a lovely deep brown shade and would make an excellent crease colour to deepen up and smoke out a look. 

The last shade in the palette is Blackheart. This one has to be one of my least used, but favourite shades in the palette. It definitely swayed my decision and made me feel I needed the palette as I love the look and finish of this. This is a smoky black matte finish with red micro glitter running through the shadow. I don't think I need to talk about how stunning this is, because it says it all on its own. This shade would be lovely to use as a powder eyeliner, a deep crease colour, or to use on the lid for a smoky eye look with a pink-red tone. This compliments the colours in the palette so well and is quite unique compared to the normal matte or satin black shades you tend to get in palettes. 

Overall I think this is such a beautiful palette, I don't gravitate to it as much as I do some of my other ones as I find the pinker tones influence the colours I use on the rest of my face, so when I want to use certain lip colours or blush colours I use other neutral shades from my other Naked palettes. Since buying this when it was released I have got much more use than I expected from the palette, and I have been able to branch out on the colours I use and really expand my make up into pinker toned eye looks which I previously have been less confident in doing. I think at £39.50, although slightly higher in price than when they first launched, these are really good value for money and really good quality too. You can find this here on Debenhams is you are interested, and you can shop the whole Naked range on their too if you wish. If you want me to review the rest of the Naked eye shadow range over the coming months I am happy to do so and share my thoughts on them. 


  1. I love this palette but just always head to the Naked 2 as it's just more workable for daytime wear. Love this review ��

    Steph xx

    1. Thanks, my full go to is the original the colours work so well for my skin tone and I know I can throw a look together without an issues and so I do go for that, but I love the whole range :) xx