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Turning 24

Every year on my birthday I kind of look back and wonder how it has been another year already, this year feels exceptionally quick, especially from the New Year. I never quite feel my age, if we didn't count I would probably say I feel about 18/19 still, which is pretty weird as that is quite a long time ago! Its been a strange year and in the past 12 months a lot has changed, I got married, ended up having surgery after finally getting investigations for my health issues, and just all round feel like big changes have been on the horizon. I know that the year ahead will also have some big changes, and while I think they probably will seem small, or ones I wont talk to much about on here until they happen, it could be an interesting year ahead. 

At 24, I feel I am ready to try some new challenges and I have a few other things I would like to do over the next 12 months in order to get me to a better place this time next year, and so I have compiled a list of ten things I want to do before I turn 25, if this works out well I may do a slightly bigger bucket list next year to accomplish. I cannot say I will achieve all of these, but I know for sure I am going to do my best to try and I know a few of these are ones I can definitely do and have been on my list of things to do for a while, and I just need the push to do it! 

1. Go on a plane
I have never been on a plane, and I really want to go on holiday to all the places I would love to see in the world and I have been too scared in the past to do so. I feel like I am finally ready to book a holiday and just get on a plane, whats so scary about it anyway? I guess its always been the fear of being that high up that has put me off, but I am ready to try it with a reasonably short flight in case I really hate it and see what I feel like for something further afield such as America and maybe one day I can brave the long flight and see some of the amazing sights further away such as Australia! Wish me look and I am sure you will hear about it if I do go somewhere! 

2. Get a qualification/certificate in something unrelated to my job
Everyday is a school day, so they say. I love learning and expanding my knowledge and this year I really want to get a few different qualifications or go on courses to expand my knowledge of other areas of interest. I presume these will end up being things like photography courses, or things that can relate back to blogging, or similar interests. I am always looking to learn more and have a constant impulse to further my degree, as I do not work in that field, but I don't think that is the way I will go for now. 

3. Get a six pack.
Ok, maybe this is ambitious, I at least want to give it a full go at the gym, I have really missed it with the operation taking me off the gym for a few weeks and I just want to get stuck back in. I want to give it my all and really work to get more muscle and improve my strength. I will try for the six pack, but I think I like pizza a little too much, and my six pack then gets covered by the love for pizza....

4. Learn to drive
I have wanted to do this since I turned 17 and could, but my husband, who I have been with since we were both 16 learnt to drive as soon as he could and I never really did it, I always wanted other things more and felt I was a little nervous about giving it a go, but again I just feel the timing may be right and I am hoping I can begin before I am 25.

5. Read 25 of the 50 books to read before you die
I love reading and really want to work through some of the books on the list. I think I am going to join the library in order to keep costs of books down as I know they can mount up and there are books on the list I will probably read and not want to keep, so it will be supporting the local library and borrowing books from there! 

6. Learn to ride a bike
Yep, 24 and cant ride a bike. Ok, I don't think we need any more explanation do we? Good.

7. Sign up to a 5km race
This kind of goes with the gym thing, I have often run 5km on the treadmill at the gym when I have been having a day of rest from the weights or just felt like doing more cardio, so I don't think I would struggle too much if I sign up for one and did some prep for it. I also think it would be a great way to show support and raise money for charity. 

8. New tattoo
I have been wanting a new tattoo for probably 2 years and can't settle on a design. I already have 4, and if you have any, you probably know they become a bit addictive and you begin to want more. I am back at that stage, and seeing friends get new ones keep sparking the want. I think I need to sit down, come up with some ideas and go and talk to an artist see what we come up with! I haven't a clue where to start! 

9. New piercing
Again, like above I have a few piercings already, just ear ones and my belly button, the lobes, forward helix ones and a heart shaped bar in my upper ear and I just feel a want to get more. I would like a few more in my ears, and so I think I will probably add a few more as we come to the summer time and I have time to go for them. 

10. Get back into art/crafty things
When I was 16, I did GCSE art. I scrapped a C and was told before the results came out I was basically going to fail the GCSE all together. I had a lot of issue with the class, and ultimately refused to do most of the exam, sat in silence refusing to work, but that is a story for another day, I was left so deflated and feeling like such a worthless person and like my art ability was only worthy of a fail that since the last art lesson at 16, I haven't done anything remotely artistic past designing my blog logo on Photoshop, and we can all see that isn't very creative! I really want to restart my love for art, and I know its not the best art work in the world but I was so proud of the work I did, so to get told I would fail was soul destroying when you have a passion and want to continue to work on it. Its taken me 8 years to even want to begin to think about drawing or painting again, and I think it really shows how peoples words and actions can destroy passions unnecessarily. 

What things do you have on your bucket list?

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