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Tortilla bloggers event at Intu Victoria Centre

Tortilla is a restaurant I have been meaning to go to since it opened. One thing I usually find is I am often shopping with my husband and he isn't very adventurous with food and wouldn't eat things like burritos, so we often go somewhere we will both enjoy. I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to go to an event in store for the launch of their Gingerella ginger ale as it gave me a chance to explore the restaurant and understand what the brand is like and experience the food without my picky husband by my side!

The restaurant is really nicely decorated with a rustic metal and raw wood vibe. The beer bottle chandeliers and red bevel tiles all add the the California inspired theme the restaurant has. The restaurant began in 2007 with the idea being brought together by Brandon and his wife Jen after searching London for decent tacos and burritos they decided to open a restaurant of their own. Now, 10 years on, they have a whole host of Tortilla restaurants up and down the country for people to enjoy. Along with this they sold 5.2 million burritos last year I think that is pretty good going! 

We were invited along for the the launch of the new Gingerella ginger ale. We were given buckets on the table like the beer ones you see with alcohol in and told to help ourselves and try the ginger ale as we wished. This was a lovely ginger ale and tasted really good, I would definitely order this again as I really did enjoy it. The branding and promotion of these items is so lovely and really lovely and I love the name and the female character is a lovely twist to other branding I have seen from other brands. The Gingerella is also used to infuse the meat and make into burritos or tacos and meals as such. In doing so 10p of every Gingerella infused carnitas meal sold goes to the Tim Bacon foundation to help support the fight against cancer. I think this is such a lovely touch and a nice way to donate through something you would perhaps be buying anyway. 

We were greeted with chips and dips in order to have a bit of a starter while we spoke to the team and got to learn more about the products. The dips were really nice and all hand made fresh every day. The servers are the ones who prep the food in store and everything is made fresh on the day ready to be used. Everything that is served in tortilla is made fresh and so no freezers are used to store or prep food in advance as it is simply not needed in the restaurant. It was so lovely to know it is all fresh and hand made as it shows the care an attention they put into the brand and the products they produce. The staff told us they only serve food they are prepared to eat themselves and the quality is always an important aspect of the standards they keep. 

We were treated to a delicious frozen margarita which really hit the spot on a warm day! The drink selection was lovely and they had drinks ranging from water, soft drinks, ciders, beers and through to the frozen margarita. The chandeliers are made from the empty bottles they get in the restaurant and are a brilliant touch to the aesthetic of the place. 

We then got to try the food, with these tacos being our first selection and there then being the opportunity to order other foods from the menu in order to try more from the brand. I have to say, everything I tried was so delicious and I love the way the ingredients were fresh and you could really tell the different and notice that they were. I loved it so much and will definitely be going back to eat here when I am not choosing somewhere my husband will also need to enjoy! 

We were very kindly given a goody bag when we left with there most famous hot sauce, a can of Gingerella and a voucher for a free burrito to use on our next visit. I am going to give the hot sauce to my dad as I think he will enjoy it and the Gingerella will no doubt be drunk by the time this post goes live with the voucher finding a firm spot in my purse ready to be used when I am next in town! Let me know in the comments if you have tried Tortilla and what your favorite thing to order is! 

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