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Soap and Glory Clean on me shower gel

Soap and glory have a huge amount of love in the beauty world and their bath products have really been a staple n a lot of beauty routines, with mine being no exception. I have used a few different shower products from their range and the Clean on me one has a firm place in my shower at the minute and although I keep switching it up as I like to use a lot of different ones, I do come back to this one regularly. This is one that is easy to use and makes showering so much easier and nicer. 

The packaging is a normal 500ml bottle, but unlike some shower gels this one has a pump which I find so easy to use as you don't have to pick the bottle up, or mess with a lid you can just put your hand or a shower sponge under the pump and dispense the product without any fuss. I find this so convenient and it really does make it so much easier to shower without having to mess with difficult to open caps or any of those issues.

The shower gel is a nice creamy formula which lathers up well on the skin making it easy to use and feel like it is really making the skin clean. The body wash has the original signature Soap and Glory scent which I really like, I'm not sure what it smells like, but it is sweet and really lovely. It lathers well and the fragrance stays lightly on the skin after use without being overpowering.

The shower gel says it has a built in body lotion which is lovely, it really does feel moisturising when you wash with it and it leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised which makes it the perfect stand alone product if you hate moisturising or if you are rushing, or travelling and just want one product to take with you in a travel sized form. I would say unless you have really dry skin you can definitely get away with skipping moisturiser if you use this as it does give the skin such a great level of moisture that it doesn't feel its need extra once you are dried off. 

The pump bottle makes it so easy to use in the shower and the large size makes it seem like it lasts forever. I think this is helped by the fact the pump allows you to really control the amount of product you use, whereas squirting the product from a bottle can mean you sometimes use more than expected. At £6.50 for the shower gel I think it is a really good price. I think the quality is really good and it is such a great range, with there being both bubble baths and moisturisers in the same scent should you want the matching range. I would definitely repurchase this and think it is one I will come back to over and over again knowing I love it. You can find it on Boots here if you are interested and the rest of the line is available online there too. Let me know what shower gel you think I would love and what the most recent on you purchased was! 

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