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Sleek Matte me lip Brink Pink

Sleek are a brand I remember launching, and I have tried so much from eye products, to lip products to face products and they have been a brand I have heard a lot of good things about. I reviewed a more nude shade of the here back in January if you want to see what I thought of that as well. As summer gets closer I seem to branch out into brighter lips more and get a feel for the bright tones the warmer weather always seems to bring out. This beautiful bright pink is one I have reached for as the weather has warmed up and so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

The packaging of the product is a long tube that is square on the ends to make it sit neatly in a drawer or be able to be stacked neatly. I find the packaging easy to work with and easy to hold to use. I like the packaging it feel sturdy, classy and sophisticated. I like that the tube is clear as you can see what colour the product is, and the matte black lid is the signature style of the Sleek brand. The colour name is printed on a black sticker on the bottom of the product to show the shade name. The applicator is a doe foot applicator which works really well with the formula and is easy to use to work around the line of the lips to create the perfect lip outline even without a lip liner.

The colour is a bright neon pink shade that really packs a punch with its colour. As a true neon colour it is a really statement option that is vivid and eye catching. I love this when I was a statement lip in summer, as I often go for reds or berry tones in the colder months, but feel the brighter shades can be a nice pop in the summer. 

The matte lip colour has a lovely soft formula. When applied to the lips it feels like it has a creamy texture which is opaque and easy to apply. It feels smooth as it is applied over the lips and gives full opaque coverage in a one coat. The formula feels completely comfortable on the lips and goes from feeling smooth with a bit of movement when first applied to smooth but dry with minimal feeling on the lips and I do not feel this is overly drying on the lips either. I find it comfortable to wear and barely feels detectable on the lips unless I really do put them together and feel for the product. 

In terms of wear with this lip colour I feel, once dried down after a few moments it is long lasting and reasonably hard wearing against food and drink. I wore this for quite a while having sips of my drink as usual while sat at my PC writing blog posts and testing it under a number of conditions. This lasted really well and didn't really show any noticeable signs of wear when wearing it just drinking out of a normal glass. When eating I found this did show wear and I would need to top this up after a meal, but I can't stress enough that I seem to never be able to make a lip colour stay when I eat, I don't know why, or what I do but lip colour always seem to wear off when I eat. 

Overall I really enjoy the formula of these and they are really reasonably priced at £4.99. The formula worked really well on the lips and was comfortable, making it easy to wear and forget about the colour. The matte formula didn't smudge or smear on the lips which was perfect as I know wearing bright cream based colours there is always a worry they may smudge and this element is eliminated with these. You can find this and the rest of the shade range on the Sleek website here. I recommend checking out the shade range even if you aren't keen on the pink shade as the range has 15 shades so you are likely to find one you like! 


  1. It looks beautiful on you :) lovely colour and review. I will def be trying some sleek matte lip paints. I had a little look at the new metallic shades which they have brought out. But they were too dark for me.I like pinky shades :D

    1. Aww thanks hun! I love the look of the metallic ones I can't wait to swatch them and see them in person! xx