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Real Techniques Bold metals 203 Tapered shadow brush

Real techniques have a huge place in my brush collection as you may already know, I find them great value and often get them as gifts at Christmas or birthdays as people know I enjoy them so much. This means I end up with a decent collection and in turn, you get to see reviews of them. I am particularly fond of having a big eye brush collection, this is so I can always have a few clean ones to use if I am using a completely different colour and don't want to wash the brushes from the day before. This one is a tapered shadow brush and in testing it out I have come to use it mainly for blending out colour. 

The brush is a beautiful silver toned brush with a round barrel that tapers in a pyramid shaped tip. The metal sleeve that encases the brush hairs and holds them and the handle together has the signature RT etched into one side the the brush number '203' on the other side to allow it to be identified. The brush looks so sleek and elegant and I love the expensive feel these have. 

The brush has a soft fluffy texture. It has a small amount of density too it which allows the brush to work the colour in the eye crease and really blend it out. The brush is one that can work well for applying colour to the lid and packing on the colour if you wanted to, however my favourite way to use this is to blend out shadows. I usually apply the colour with other eye brushes and use this purely to blend out the shadows and create a flawless blended look.

The eye brush blends the colours effortlessly to create a beautiful edge to the make up look, or to incorporate two colours together in order to make a seamless look on the eye. I was surprised to use this in such a way as to feel it and look at it I thought it would be something that I would use to apply colour and then find something else to blend them out, but by chance I discovered this is amazing for blending and has quickly become my go to brush for blending eye shadows.

At £16 this is definitely a more luxury brush from the drugstore, but I do feel it is an amazing quality one that really does do a fantastic job building and blending colour on the eyes. I love it so much I now own two of the same brush so I don't have to wash it all the time as that would be a pain, and washing it half as much is so much easier. I would definitely repurchase this brush if I was to loose it or if it became damaged as it really is my favourite brush I have discovered in a long time. You can find the brush on Boots here if you would like to check it out, and the rest of the collection for the Bold Metals range is available through Boots here. Let me know your favourite brushes in the comments as I love finding new ones to try out! 

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