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Primark eye shadow primer

One of my favourite products and an absolute game changer in my make up routine was eye primer. From the minute I discovered it my make up game was upped sufficiently! I have been a lover of the holy grail Urban Decay primer potion but it can be quite pricey and so I have made it my mission to find a cheaper alternative. When I saw this in Primark I knew I had to give it a go. 

The eye shadow primer is in a box in store, but the actual product comes in a squeeze tube with a screw on lid. The packaging has a small nozzle which you can squeeze the product out of and I find this really easy as you can really control the amount that comes out and how much you use.

The product is a nude light beige colour that blends in on the lid to give minimal colour so as not to affect the colour of the eye shadows. The formula is a really nice slightly creamy formula which is really easy to blend in to the skin to create a perfect base on the eye. It has a very slight tacky feel to it which will let the eye shadows stick to it and stay in place. The formula is so easy to work with and feels lovely on the skin. 

The primer makes a lovely base for eye shadows and they apply and blend easily on to of the primer base. I find that the colours stay looking vibrant and they blend as effortlessly as they always do. I find that this a pleasure to work on top of when applied and it doesn't affect the application process at all. This holds the eye shadow colour well and my make up still looks so good at the end of the day. I have tested this several times with light and dark colours, as well as in cool weather and in the recent heat wave weather England has been experiencing and it held up perfectly in all conditions. 

Over all I think this is amazing! The quality is really nice and it is so easy to use that for £2 I really do recommend you give it a go. I think this is perfect if you are on a budget as some of the high end primers can be around the £15-£20 mark. I will definitely be getting more of this when I go to Primark, and while I am very committed to my Urban Decay primer and do not think I want to give it up completely, I think this could definitely be one that I can interchange with the more expensive alternatives and not feel like I am scrimping on quality! Do let me know if you have tried this, or if you think I should try any other drugstore primers as I love testing out different ones and putting them to the test against each other! 

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