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Monu skin BB cream illuminating primer

When I got this Monu skin primer in my advent calendar it was a brand I hadn't ever heard of before. This is both an exciting and interesting thing and one thing I love about beauty boxes and surprise advent calendars as you really do get to try products you wouldn't have done before. I love the idea of an illuminating primer, I haven't really used anything like this before and so it is a great way to try a new brand and a new type of product. 

I have a sample size of this so it comes in a slightly different packaging than the full size product. The packaging I have is a little difficult to use, the product is quite thick and as the bottle isn't completely full it is hard to get it out. The full sized product however looks as though it has a pump which would work much better with the product.

The product is a thick-ish white cream that applies to the skin reasonably easily. It does take some time to work into the skin and blend out to give a flawless even coverage as the thicker texture can look a bit patchy until warmed up and worked into the skin. Once on the skin it gives a beautiful glowing result which is lovely and makes you look radiant. I like that it has an SPF of 15 as it gives you a bit of a base to work with for SPF and is great if you are using a foundation which doesn't have SPF in. 

I tried this in several ways, it looks lovely to give a luminous glow tot eh skin alone, however I don't really think it is intended to be used that way and I wouldn't apply this and nothing over the top. I tried it under a more full coverage but matte finish foundation and found that the luminosity didn't show through the foundation how I hoped it would. It worked as a primer, and held my make up in place, but I feel this is a waste if you are going to use it this way as you don't get to benefit from the illuminating properties of the product.  

I also tried it under a lighter foundation product to see how that worked out and what it looked like, as well as mixing the two together. I found both didn't really give me the glowing look I desired from the product. It did give a bit of a change to the foundation, but I feel as though it didn't really give it a glow or illumination that would look different. 

Overall I was quite disappointed with this, it made an OK primer, but it didn't really illuminate the skin like I hoped, and you can't tell a difference when I have foundation on top. For me, at £29.95 is quite a lot of money for the full size or something I didn't feel was very illuminating on my skin no matter how I tried to use it. I think for me this isn't one I will repurchase as I prefer to make my skin glowing with a highlighter or illuminating powder on top. If you are interested in this you can find it on Look Fantastic here. Do let me know your favourite illuminating product as I would like to try more if you have one you recommend! 

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