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Lee Stafford Argan oil pre-shampoo treatment

Do you ever see a product and wonder if its really going to make a difference? I was skeptical of the pre-shampoo treatment when I first for it as I thought I would be better off using a deep conditioner or hair oil post shower, but I decided to try it anyway. Then when you stop using it for a few weeks you begin to wonder why you hadn't tried it before? Well that's what happened with the Lee Stafford pre shampoo treatment, so lets delve into he product and find out more! 

The product comes in a pink and orange toned tub with a lovely orange label on to signify the Argan oil range. the tub has a secure screw cap lid that fits on well, but is easy to take off and use the product in the shower or bath. I always get annoyed when jars are hard to open in the shower as it is really annoying, but this is so easy to open and use its a pleasure o have in the shower.

The product is a thick sheer white formula, the is easy to scoop out the desired amount as it stays on your hand easily without running off. The product is designed to be applied to dry hair and left for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off and then using shampoo and conditioner as normal. Applying this to dry hair felt like the weirdest thing to do as I haven't used a product like this in the past, however, I quickly got used to doing so after a few uses. 

I scoop out a small amount of product on the ends of my fingers and apply it to the mid lengths and ends being careful to avoid the roots as I don't need product there and I don't want it to end up over nourishing my hair and it looking greasy. I find this sinks into and distributes through the hair so easily that it makes it easy to use. I will either clip my hair up or tie it up while this soaks into my hair so I can still lie in the bath and relax while I wait.

The product is so easy to rinse through and I have used it with so many different shampoos and hair care products to test the results and it really does nourish my hair and make it feel incredible and in amazing condition. I knew this made my hair feel incredible, but I didn't truly realise how much I loved this until I was prepping for my operation last month while in the process of testing this out. I was told to use a medical 2 in 1 body and hair wash, for infection control, and then when I felt well enough to shower properly I just used a normal shampoo and no conditioner to be as quick as I could stood in the shower not wanting my dressings to get wet. I realised that my hair feels ok, but it doesn't have the silky wow feeling that I was getting with this, so I will be getting back onto using this ASAP! 

Overall, I love this, I think it is fantastic! I probably only need to use this about once a week, or maybe once every two weeks if my hair is feeling in good condition anyway, but I do think this is one I will be picking up again. As it was part of a surprise bag I got at the clothes show for £20 I didn't look up the price until it came to writing up this review, so I didn't know it was £16.99 on Boots here, however, I do feel this is really good. I feel like if you can pick this up and  it sounds like something you would enjoy I recommend perhaps looking for an offer if you aren't ready to spend the full price, but I will definitely be repurchasing this when I have used it up! 

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