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June Round up

How are we at another round up post for the month? Also, how can it be the end of June already, and the worst part is I have been so cold this past couple of days that I am sure its actually October! We have had some amazing weather this month and now it seems to have gone crazy! So lets have a catch u and see what I got up to this month!

Firstly this month I had to endure the painful process of having my stitches removed when they got infected. It wasn't pleasant and I spent two days barely able to walk as it hurt do much, but we pulled through and other than two scars I am all mended! Well I say that, but I still have all the symptoms I had before and feel no better as I am no closer to a diagnosis or answer! It was the most unpleasant part and I was in more pain when it became infected than I was when I woke up from the original surgery, so that sucked.

Closely after that I turned 24, I did a post with a mini bucket list in and you can find that here if you want to have a look at what they are, I will also be doing an update when I turn 25, I have the start of the post drafted to add to it over the year and remind me to actually do what my bucket list says! I also filmed a video of what I got for my birthday if you want to have a look and you can see that here. I had a lovely birthday with my husband taking me shopping and treating me, as well as just spending time with him! 

I went along to another blogger event this month, this time with Tortilla. A lovely restaurant which do amazing burritos [and food options. We were invited along to the launch of the Gingerella ginger ale and I have to say it was a beautiful drink and I will go back for more when I pass! To read up more about the event I have a post here if you want to find out more about it. 

My husband an I are big fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and we really wanted to see the newest film that has come out. We watched all the previous films over the course of a week and then went that weekend to go and see the newest film. I wont include any spoilers here, but I thought it was really good, it tied up a few things and gave some amazing back stories that I hadn't questioned. The CGI was incredible and I just really enjoyed the whole thing. 

Lastly, the biggest thing I have done this month is restart my YouTube channel. I decided I would bite the bullet and give it another go as I genuinely loved filming and I had a ongoing channel posting regularly for three years before I previously stopped my channel and made private all my videos when I became to busy at university and had nowhere to film in halls. I am working on setting up a filming station in my spare room so it is easier for me to film all the time but I haven't quite got there yet so its still a slightly unsure set up, but its ok we can deal with that! I only have 3 videos up on my channel so far, but I am working on so much more content and I hope you will share the love and support and pop over and give my channel a quick subscribe if you like the look of it so far! You can find it here and I will be happy to take requests for videos if you have them! 

I have had a slightly rough start to the month with my stitches, but now I am finally healed and feel better I have had a lovely month. I'd love to know what you got up to this month and what your highlight of the month was in the comments so do let me know! I am hoping to have a fun filled July, but I don't have too many plans at the minute, so I will be coming up with some fun things to do.

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