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June favourites

You may or may not have noticed that I did not do a favourites in May. Wow that was a lot of May's... I felt like I didn't really have much I was in love with last month and so I just didn't do one. I have, however, this month I have quite a few nice things to show you all that I have been loving. 

First up, I honestly cannot write this post without mentioning the Naked heat palette. If you had told me three months ago I would be addicted to an orange toned palette I would have laughed in your face. Well, it was love at first sight and its basically all I have worn since I got it and I just have completely discovered an area of make up I was way to scared to try! 

Next up for beauty I have been loving the FleurDeForce MAC lipstick. It is such a beautiful nude shade and it really is one that is perfect on me, in my opinion. I feel like it is really hard to get a lovely nude shade and so when I tried this one on after getting it I knew I was onto a winner. I love the formula and the way it wear and I just want to go to MAC and buy all the lipsticks...

The Primark eye shadow primer is also a key favourite this month. I don't think it will ever replace my beloved Urban Decay version, but for £2 I am blown away by this and recommend you all check it out because I think it is definitely a top product from Primark, even if I haven't managed to try many of their products! 

The month has felt like another quick one and while I do have more favourites this month than last, I still feel as thought there isn't as much to love as there has been in some previous months! I feel like I have been trying to use through a lot of the older bath and body products I own to try and clear space in my collection, as well as not really trying a lot of new things as I have been testing things prior to my op to get a little in front with blogging, so hopefully in July I will be able to try lots of new things and really appreciate lots of new products now I don't have to worry about being ill or recovering! 

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