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June Empties

At the end of May I wrote a post about wanting to do a bit of a project pan and use up a load of things in my collection and slowly work towards downsizing what I have to make a lot of space in order to buy some new products to do reviews of and just generally update and keep using through my collection so that nothing really goes off or has to be thrown away before its used. I am very proud of my efforts and have used up 19 products so far. I am really pleased and can't wait to share what I used up! 

I said in my previous post I wanted to use up five products from the shower and bath category, and I was able to use up seven which I think is a great effort as it really is a difficult task to use up some of the shower products which can often come in such huge bottles and take ages to get through. The first things I used up were from the body shop. I have the Moringa shower gel, the label says everything with this one, but the formula was still fine and the product was as good as new so I decided to use it up. I like the scent for summer but it can get a little much after a while and I have a couple of other products in this scent to use up so no doubt they will be featured soon! I also had a sample of the body moisturiser in the honey scent, and one in the frosted berries scent from the christmas range. I love both of these and the scent it amazing, I love the range and have a lot of the moisturisers to use up because they are so good. 

I then have the Nivea moisturiser sample, I have a few of these in my sample drawer but I have been using small amounts of moisturiser every day on my scar from my stitches in hopes to help fade it as it is quite red and prominent still, and so I decided to use this one as a change for a day. I also have the Kiehls creme de corps moisturiser sample, this one was lovely too and is a more intense hydrating formula, but I am going to review it fully next month to give more details on it. I also have the Lush super dad bath bomb, a fathers day special and I did like this, but I don't think it would be one of my favourites from the range! Lastly for bath I have a Avon red berried bubble bath, this was a christmas scent and I loved it, I generally love these bubble baths but just don't often remember to look at Avon as I have to go out of my way and remember to go on the site a lot of the time and I have usually already been to Boots or Superdrug, but I think this has spurred me to go and have another look! 

For skin care I only wanted to use up two things, but I managed four. I first have the Pixi glow tonic I really liked this, I have been using a Freedom glycolic toner which I think is really comparable, and so I don't think I will be repurchasing it for a while but it is lovely. i then have the 111skin mask, this was nice and felt very luxury, but I don't think it did a lot for my skin and it was quite slippery which I found made it slip down my face and be uncomfortable to wear without being laid down. I had a tiny bit of the Avon pore penetrating mask left so I could do part of a face mask to use it up. I do like it, but I don't recall it being my favourite face mask ever and so I think after it had been pushed to the back I forgot and then just wanted to use it up and get rid so it wasn't going to get wasted. Lastly, does anyone remember these Kleenex face cloths? I had a stray pack at the back of my foundation drawer that I put in when I sorted my make up out not long after we moved in and forgot they were there so I decided to use them up. They are nice and work like cotton wool but I doubt you can even buy them anymore! 

I wanted to use up two hair products, I managed three, but two are samples. I used up the Lee Stafford dry shampoo, I do like this, I just want to try out a few more before a commit to choosing a favourite. I would repurchase this and use it again, I just don't know when that would be with testing out other brands. I also used up two sampled of the L'Oreal everriche shampoo, I liked this and it was ok, but not really used enough to tell if it made a huge difference to my hair, I just wanted to clear out some of the samples I accumulate. 

I did intend to use up two beauty items, and I did only manage one, this was the Seventeen BB cream, I loved this and have got another one to use, but this one has seen the end of its life and so it is on its way to the bin, but I did love it and have been retrying it for lighter coverage now the summer months have come. Saying this, I did however give my friend five eyeliners from my collection that were doubled up from sets and getting samples of mini versions. I have sharpened and cleaned to stop any cross contamination from my eyes to hers, but technically I have got rid of six products? 

I then wanted to use up 2 perfumes and managed to use up three. The first is Avon and is the scent 'Faraway dreams' I had a quick look and while they do the faraway scent still they don't do this version. It smells very fresh and clean and I love it for days when I don't want an obvious scent but I want something which is still going to smell good through the day. If they did stock this still I would repurchase. I used up the Body shop Neroli jasmin perfume, I know this is one that is quite old, and I was savouring the scent as my husband bought this for me and I love the way it smells and reminds me of him. I had the tiniest bit left and I have surrendered and used it up and replaced it with my wedding day perfume to remind me of my husband! Lastly I have a sample of the Cartier Baise vole perfume, this wasn't my favourite, but being a sample it was easy to carry with me and use up in a couple of outings just to make sure it didn't go to waste. 

Lastly, for random things I wanted to include I have the Yankee candle in the winter glow fragrance. This is a light scent which smells fresh in a wintery kind of way, and I really did like it. I think when winter comes around again if this is out, and there isn't any new releases I want I will be repurchasing this to burn. 

Wow, that is so many products and it really feels as though a weight has been lifted and I know I will feel so much better in the coming months when I have used up even more from my collection as I have so much I am slowly getting down. I would love to know what you have used up this month and what you recommend I check out now I have a few gaps in my beauty collection, so do let me know in the comments and I hope you had a great month! 

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