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Health; My surgery decision

This is the follow on to my previous post about my referral, and will talk about the things I experienced since being referred to the hospital to get some form of investigation into why I end up in crippling pain every month. I got my appointment through and headed down to the hospital for my check up, I roped my mum into coming along for moral support as I was a bit worried to go alone. Booked in and waiting I first went through to be weighed, measured for my height and my blood pressure, a routine check up before seeing the doctor. Sat in the waiting room my nerves increased, unsure what exactly it would entail, or what the next steps would be, I nervously anticipated them calling my name. Seeing someone come out, and be told to go through to the 'pre-op' part I turned to my mum in fear, and she reassured me that it could be anything, after all they deal with hysterectomies, and many other surgery required problems. 

I went into the doctors room and they first spoke about the problems, the pain and asked me a few questions that relate to the issues, all expected questions. The most embarrassing and nerve racking part in my opinion is when they want to take a look. Stripping down your bottom half of clothing for a complete stranger is not something I have ever done. I am only 23, so smear tests aren't a part of my life yet, but I know I will have to go for them when the time comes, I guess this was a good practice run? It is a bit weird having someone you don't know looking at the most intimate part of your body, but if they can cure (or at least find an answer) why I feel like this, I guess it will be worth it! And the one thing I reminded myself was, the doctors job is solely to look at peoples intimate area and diagnose problems, shes probably forgotten shes seen mine already!

I got redressed and went back round to the seating area. I could see her writing down the proposed steps to follow, and I knew as soon as I saw the word 'Laparoscopy' I was heading down to surgery for the next steps. I will not lie to you, I have a huge phobia of being put under the anaesthetic, and I had a little mini cry to myself and my mum in the waiting room waiting for my notes to be compiled. Being talked through the surgery and having to sign a form that covers any eventuality and complication that may arise, such as consent to repair any damage to my internal organs should they become damaged, permission to have a blood transfusion, and all these crazy things that make your mind race when you suddenly realise this is happening. I have to say I expected to be sent for scans or other checks before surgery, so to be referred that quick was very surprising. 

Its quite scary, but its quite a minor procedure, they will put a camera into my abdomen and have a look around see what they can see that may be abnormal, they may remove anything they see when they do the surgery but it depends what the inside looks like when they go in. It is all keyhole so no major wounds to heal and the recovery shouldn't be too long, but we will wait and see. I have done a lot of googling and feel somewhat worse, somewhat better about the possible outcomes of the surgery, yet I still have absolutely no idea what they will actually find, however, I feel I wouldn't be put down for surgery if they didn't have good reason to think they might find something.
At my pre op they weighed me, and measured my height, to get an idea of my current BMI and my body make up. I had my blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels taken and noted down for my records, and was given a wee sample bottle for the morning of my operation and a shower gel to use two days before, on the morning of and two days after my surgery. I was then sent back into the waiting room to wait again before seeing a further nurse who was more in depth about my surgery. I was also given a nasal cream to apply two days before, on the day of, and two days after my surgery to help with infection control. 

I was given all the information I needed to know about the laparoscopy and what they would be looking for inside. I was given a lot of information about the anesthetic, more in depth than normal as that is the one thing that scares me more than anything with the surgery, I hate the thought of being put under and being essentially knocked out! I was reassured a lot and the nurse was so lovely, everyone I have encountered has been. I had a huge questionnaire to fill in asking all about my medical background and my fitness levels, and due to past medical complications I had to be sent for other tests. 

I was sent for extra tests to do with past medical issues, this was things such as blood tests, but you wont need these things if you have good health, or they will only be to check on health problems you already know you have and have had to declare for the surgery, so its not too scary. It was annoying though as I hoped it would be a quick appointment as I didn't think about past history I thought it would just be in and out, but it does say on the letter to allow up to 3 hours for the appointment, and if I hadn't have needed a few more tests and check ups I think I would have been in and out, but I guess its better to be poked and prodded and have blood tests to make sure I am fit and well for the surgery than get on the operating table and something I could have mentioned affect the surgery! I left without my date for surgery, with the knowledge I was on a waiting list and would find out at some point what my date would be through a letter in the post. 

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