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Garnier moisture bomb day cream

When I was in search of a new face cream, I remembered the newest range that Garnier have brought out which is the moisture bomb range. I had used the mask from the range, find a review here, and because I loved the mask I thought the face cream would be good too. I picked out the day cream and thought it sounded an interesting concept being a water cream and it really intrigued me as I haven't used a product like this is the past. I have fairly normal skin with a small patch of dry skin on one cheek which sometimes plays up, so did this work for me?

The product comes in a box in store, but the tub is a blue main tub with a white lid. The product has the logo and the branding on the front of the tub which is subtle but still gives the needed information. I like the tub, it is a pretty standard method of storing face cream and works well to house the product and is easy to use when I am doing my skin care routine. 

The product is a light pink colour and it really does have a lightweight texture, it feels like a really light weight texture which holds its shape like a thicker cream but the minute you begin to rub it in it is more of a thin water like texture which instantly smooths out and its really easy to work with sinking into the skin almost immediately. 

I apply a few small dots of this onto the areas of my face and rub it into the skin, I find this applies really nicely to the skin and sinks in easily and quickly with minimal effort. I find it doesn't leave any residue on the skin after I have applied it and so I can move onto make up pretty much immediately after my skincare without worrying about how it will apply. 

Since using the moisturiser my skin has looking healthy and plumped and I haven't had any issues with the dry skin patch playing up, which has happened in the past with some products, and some aren't moisturising enough to keep it under control, but this has worked to resolve the issue and help to keep it at bay. 

Overall I really like this moisturiser and I am so glad I decided to go for this one as I am so pleased with it and really do enjoy using it. The formula is so light and easy to use without feeling like it clogs the skin, but still gives the impact of a full moisturiser and gives the skin the moisturiser boost it needs. At £7.99, it is often on offer too, it is a really good price for a moisturiser, maybe a little more than some drugstore options but for the quality and how it works it is definitely worth picking up. I got mine from Boots, you can find it online here, I would love to know what your favourite moisturiser is and what you recommend as I will no doubt try more when I have used this up! 

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